Go Diego Go!: Lion Cub Rescue

Kids will go wild over the more 90 minutes of Diego fun and adventures on this DVD. This little boy and his friends (mostly of the animal variety) go on a worldwide big adventure to save some hippos in Africa, an orangutan in Asia and a seal in the Arctic. All this travel will teach the little watchers important life lessons.

Episode 1: Welcome Home, Lion Cub!: Diego and Baby Jaguar travel to Africa to help Daddy Lion and his family reunite with their pride in time to attend Lion Cub's party.

Episode 2: Diego Reunites Hippopotamus and Oxpecker: Diego tries to teach the hippopotamus and the oxpecker how beneficial it is to work together as a team.

Episode 3: Diego's Ringed Seal Rescue: It's off to the Arctic to help Diego bring a baby ringed seal back to the Ringed Seal Rescue Home.

Episode 4: Diego's Orangutan Rescue: A fun loving baby orangutan gets into trouble when he is whisked away by a fast river while in a canoe so it is up to Diego and Big Sister Orangutan to try to save him.

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