Gone in 60 Seconds: Unrated Director’s Cut

Gone in 60 Seconds is the perfect example of how today a movie does not have to bank exclusively on box office receipts, but also on the huge potential rental and video sales market. This movie made next to nothing at the box office, but hundreds of millions on worldwide rental and sales. It could have been a good action flick in that the idea is quite cool, but it fell short of the mark. I know this is an action movie (with very little action actually, but we will get to that later), but the story is too predictable. The idea of big brother coming back to save little brother has so been done before. There are absolutely no twists in the story. Part of the blame has to go to the director, Dominic Sena (Swordfish and Kalifornia), who has not introduced much action in this 'action' film. Sena does not do a good job instilling the kind of pacing required in an action film. A lot of the film's time is taken up with the lead characters standing around telling us what they are going to do and then some quick montages of them actually stealing the cars. Kudos do have to be given to Sena in that the highlight of the film is definitely the car chase scene at the end, which is one of the best ever on film. Some of the problem with the film is also the acting of Nicolas Cage. He seems half asleep for his role unless he is behind the wheel of a car, only then does he come alive.

Kip Raines (Giovanni Ribisi – The Boiler Room and Cold Mountain) and his gang steal a Porsche right from the showroom. He is doing it for a car fencer named Atley (Will Patton – The Punisher and The Mothman Prophecies). Kip is seen speeding away by the police so they tail them to their hideout. The gang all gets away but the police find the cars. Detective Castleback (Delroy Lindo – Sahara and The Cider House Rules) and Detective Drycoff (Timothy Olyphant – Rockstar and The First Wives Club) of the Grand Theft Auto division are on the case and are carefully watching Kip's movements.

Kip's brother, Randall 'Memphis' Raines (Nicolas Cage – Leaving Las Vegas and Captain Corelli's Mandolin) runs a go-kart racing daycamp for kids. Atley comes to see Memphis to tell him Kip is in trouble. Kip took a big boost (a job to steal cars) for Raymond Calitri (Christopher Ecclestone – Shallow Grave and 28 Days Later) and did not come through. Calitri calls Atley and tells him he has Kip. Memphis goes to see Calitri and is told that he needs 50 specific top end cars at Pier 14 in 4 days and will pay him $200,000. Memphis tells Calitri that he does not steal cars anymore; he is out of the business. Calitri says that Memphis has to steal these cars or Kip will be killed. Memphis goes to see his mother (Grace Zabriskie – The Grudge and Armageddon), who tells Memphis to do what it takes to save his brother.

Memphis gets some of his former gang, Otto (Robert Duvall), Donny (Chi McBride – I, Robot and The Terminal), Sway (Angelina Jolie – Girl Interrupted and Tomb Raider), and Sphinx (Vinnie Jones – Snatch and Swordfish), together and hatches a plan to steal all 50 cars in one evening. Kip and his gang, Tumbler (Scott Caan – Ocean's Twelve and Varsity Blues), Mirror Man (T.J. Cross – Bad Company), Freb (James Duval – Donnie Darko and Independence Day), and Toby (William Lee Scott – Gattaca and October Sky), insist on helping out. Memphis and the others have to try and stay ahead of the police and pull off the huge boost all in one evening. The clock is ticking.

DVD Bonus Features:

-Jerry Bruckheimer: Conversations with Jerry Bruckheimer and a biography/filmography.

-Action Overload: All the action scenes are strung together.

-The Big Chase: 1) L.A. Streets: The 1967 Shelby GT Mustang and how the chase scene was shot.
2)Naval Yard: Interviews with Bruckheimer and Sena about how this scene was shot.
3)The Big Jump: How the final scene was shot.

-0 to 60: The story and ideas behind the movie.

-Wild Rides: How Nicolas Cage did most of his own driving scenes. Angelina Jolie, Delroy Lindo, Giovanni Ribisi, Vinnie Jones, and Scott Caan at stunt driving school.

-Stars on the Move: Descriptions of the characters of Memphis, Kip, the Young Gang, the Old School gang, and the Adversaries.

-The Cult Music Video: Video for "Painted on my Heart".

-The Trailer

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