Good Times: The Complete Series

Starting off as a mid-season replacement Good Times went on to air for six seasons during the 1970s. A spin off of the series Maude, it was about the Evans family and their lives. Funny and touching series was one of the first depicting the lives of a poor black family. The mother (played by Estelle Rolle) is a housekeeper and tries to keep her family's heads above water on Chicago's tough South Side ghetto. Keep your eyes open for a young Janet Jackson in season five.

Season One:
The Evans have to scramble to avoid eviction from their apartment. James (played by John Amos) continuously hunts for a better job. J.J. (played by Jimmie Walker) moves out on his own after a dispute with his father but eventually moves back in once he realizes his father was right. The whole family worries about James's health.

Season Two:
J.J. is arrested for robbing a liquor store right around his 18th birthday. Michael (played by Ralph Carter) does not want to go to an all-white school. J.J. has secretly become a member of a gang and during a fight he is shot. Florida starts going to night school in order to try to get her high school diploma but James is not supportive. J.J.'s new girlfriend Henrietta shows up for dinner pregnant. After losing his job J.J. decides to enlist in the Army.

Season Three:
James is offered a good job but it is in Alaska. Florida needs a gallbladder operation that will cost a lot. Thelma gets engaged to her boyfriend but is afraid to tell her parents. Michael starts skipping school and getting into fights. Thelma gets a college scholarship. The family finds out that James lied about his father being dead and that he is very much alive and living in Chicago. Florida discovers that J.J.'s latest girlfriend has a drug problem.

Season Four:
The Evans are preparing to move to Mississippi after James gets a great job offer. The going away party is interrupted by the news that James has been killed in a car accident. The kids worry about Florida's reaction to her husband's death. Violence starts escalating in the neighbourhood. After receiving an eviction notice J.J. takes on a job with shady people and Thelma thinks about quitting college to take a job. J.J. wins the lottery. Thelma's new boyfriend asks her to marry him and move to Nigeria. Florida begins to date. Carl (played by Moses Gunn) finds out he has cancer.

Season Five:
Willona (played by Ja'net Dubois) adopts an abused girl named Penny (played by Janet Jackson) who was abandoned by her mother. Thelma moves out to an apartment with three roommates. Penny runs away because she feels she is holding Willona back. Bookman's (played by Johnny Brown) wife (played by Marilyn Coleman) suspects him of having an affair.

Season Six:
Thelma is dating a famous football player. Florida comes back home once she hears the news of Thelma's engagement. Keith (played by Ben Powers) ends up breaking his leg during the wedding ceremony. Michael is moving out and moving in with a white girl. Florida takes a job as a school bus driver. Penny's birth mother tries to make Willona look like an unfit mother. Keith starts drinking heavily. Thelma finds out she is pregnant.

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