Good Times: The Complete Sixth Season

Watching Good Times with today's eyes the series looks really dated and a real product of the 1970s, but it really was groundbreaking television in its day. It was an important series because it was one of the first sitcoms which portrayed the everyday lives of an African-American family. The Evans were a lower class black family that lived in the projects of Chicago and tried to deal with the challenges that life threw at them with love and humour. This, the sixth season, was the final one that Good Times aired. It was the series that made a star of Jimmie Walker and was the first television appearance of a very young and fully clothed Janet Jackson. Keep your eyes peeled for guest appearances by Kim Fields and Gary Coleman.

Disc One:
Episode 1: Florida's Homecoming (Part 1): Keith Anderson, a young football star who is about to sign a million dollar contract with the Chicago Bears, proposes to Thelma.

Episode 2: Florida's Homecoming (Part 2): Florida comes home but is worried about Thelma and Keith making it to the alter. J.J. loses his job.

Episode 3: Florida's Homecoming (Part 3): The day of the wedding and everything is going smoothly until J.J. trips Keith and he hurts his leg.

Episode 4: Florida's Homecoming (Part 4): Keith loses his football contract and J.J. is in trouble with the guy he borrowed the money from to pay for the wedding.

Episode 5: Florida Gets a Job: Florida applies for a job as a school bus driver.

Episode 6: Stomach Mumps: Willona is uncomfortable talking to Penny about sex.

Episode 7: J.J. the Teacher: J.J. has to deal with a difficult parent of one of his art students.

Episode 8: Michael's Decision: Tired of tripping over everyone at his own overcrowded house, Michael moves out and into an apartment with a white girl.

Special Features:
-Previews of Are We There Yet?, Classic Urban TV Series, Dynamic Duos, Great TV Families, Ladies' Night, Little Man, and The Gospel

Disc Two:
Episode 9: J.J. and the Plumber's Helper: Bookman's trainee is interested in J.J., but he is involved with stuck up Vanessa.

Episode 10: The Witness: J.J. witnesses an accident involving Sweet Daddy Williams' girlfriend and Keith's cab.

Episode 11: The Snow Storm: A severe snow storm strands Florida and the kids from her bus in an abandoned building.

Episode 12: The Traveling Christmas: Keith's mean boss won't give him Christmas Eve off so the family brings Christmas to him.

Episode 13: House Hunting: The Evans' finally find a house they can afford, but run into a few roadblocks.

Episode 14: Florida's Favorite Passenger (Part 1): Florida thinks that Larry, a kid on her school bus, who is teased by the others might have a physical problem.

Episode 15: Florida's Favorite Passenger (Part 2): Florida takes Larry to have his hearing tested and then he tells her he wants to come live with her.

Episode 16: Blood Will Tell: Sweet Daddy Williams needs a transfusion and J.J.'s is the only match.

Disc Three:
Episode 17: Where Have All the Doctors Gone: Florida has a hard time finding a doctor to bring a sick Penny to.

Episode 18: J.J. and T.C.: T.C. would like J.J. to ask her to a dance, but he seems to ignore her hints.

Episode 19: The Physical: In order to keep her job Florida has to undergo a physical.

Episode 20: A Matter of Mothers: Willona's new boyfriend has actually been hired by Penny's birth mother to try and make her look unfit as a parent.

Episode 21: The Evans' Dilemma: The Evans' believe that Keith, who is distraught and frustrated over having to look for work, has a drinking problem.

Episode 22: The Art Contest: J.J. wins first prize at an art show, but for a painting that he did not do.

Episode 23: Cousin Raymond: Cousin Raymond offers Florida an apartment as a gift, but she wants to refuse after she finds out what he does for a living.

Episode 24: The End of the Rainbow: Florida could not be happier when she finds out Thelma is pregnant and that her and Keith want Florida to live with them in their apartment.

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