Grandaddy: Artist’s Choice

This album is like a personal mixed bag CD from Grandaddy vocalist Jason Lytle. After touring with many indie rock bands, Lytle has come to adore some of the lesser known acts out there. This album is a compilation of his favorite songs, none of which can be dubbed the "best" songs by any of the given artists. Even the artists themselves are not that well known (with the exception of Beck and a couple others). Half the fun of this album is reading Grandaddy's comments: the linear notes offer handwritten explanations for Grandaddy's selection of each song featured on this album. However, some of the comments are a little far fetched. For example his description of Earlimart reads: "vocals that sound like the ski patrol calling for fallen avalanche victims". I don't really see how he came up with that description, seeing as the vocals on this track are delicate and smooth. Still, his comments (and the album's layout!) certainly produce more than a few laughs. Lytle's mix concludes with an exclusive Grandaddy track entitled "Nature Anthem". This album is a consistent compilation of indie and experimental rock tunes that are sure to please. Best songs are: Earlimart "Color Bars", Snow Patrol "Run", Goldenboy "Wild Was The Night", Jackpot "If We Could Go Backwards", Blonde Redhead "For The Damage" and Grandaddy "Nature Anthem".

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