Greg Giraldo: Midlife Vices

If you are not in tune with the comedy world then let me tell you that Greg Giraldo is one of the hottest comedians around. You might recognize him from the many Comedy Central roasts he has starred in and stolen out from other bigger names.

The guy has such a presence that you won't be able to take your eyes off of him for a second. Unless it is to wipe the tears away from your eyes because you've laughed so hard. He takes risks, but for the most part they pay off. That is his forte.

This show was filmed live in New York City and in it Giraldo covers such topics as the energy policy, divorce, texting, the economy, and China.

1. Pre-show
2. You Got Aids, Yo
3. Handicapped Room
4. Energy Policy/Fat Kids
5. Old People/Race/Election
6. Divorce/Snacks/Kangaroo F*@king
7. Women/Old Drinking
8. Supreme Court Justice/Humbling
9. Texting/Technology/Wall Punching
10. The Economy/Stem Cells and Jizz
11. Sleepy Rasta/ Y as in Jello
12. Sports/China
13. Happy Birthday

Special Features: Comedy Central Presents: Greg Giraldo, Never Before Seen Adult Content Pilot

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