Gunsmoke: The Third Season – Volume 1

The fact that this television series ran for 20 years shows that it was very popular. We are transported back to the 1800s to Dodge City, a frontier city with the typical problems of Indians, cattle rustling, bank robberies, stage coach robberies, and fights amidst the settlers. All this has to be dealt with by the U.S. Marshall, Matt Dillon (played by James Arness), who soon learns that the law is not always respected in Dodge City.

Episode 1: Crack-Up: Matt finds out that there is a hired killer in Dodge City.

Episode 2: Gun for Chester: Chester (played by Dennis Weaver) accuses Asa Ledbetter (played by Thomas Coley), who he believes is trying to kill him, of shooting him.

Episode 3: Blood Money: Matt gets a wanted poster for Joe Sharpe (played by James Dobson), who robbed a bank.

Episode 4: Kitty's Outlaw: Doc (played by Milburn Stone), Chester and Matt believe that Kitty (played by Amanda Blake) is helping a bank robber.

Episode 5: Potato Road: Budge (played by Tom Pittman) and his mother (played by Jeanette Nolan) capture Matt so they can rob a bank.

Episode 6: Jesse: Jesse (played by George Brenlin) comes to Dodge City to seek revenge against the man who killed his father.

Episode 7: Mavis McCloud: Mavis McCloud (played by Fay Spain) comes to Dodge City with the aim of getting married.

Episode 8: Born to Hang: After two men attempt to lynch him, Joe Digger (played by Wright King) seeks his revenge.

Episode 9: Romeo: A rich landowner, upset by the fact that his daughter has fallen in love, threatens to obliterate Dodge City.

Episode 10: Never Pester Chester: After Chester is nearly killed, Matt wants revenge on those responsible.

Episode 11: Fingered: Hank (played by Anthony Caruso) accuses Jim (played by John Larch) of murdering his first and second wives.

Episode 12: How to Kill a Woman: A passenger is murdered on a stagecoach and Matt and Chester investigate.

Episode 13: Cows and Cribs: After a young prairie couple die leaving their baby an orphan, Matt, Doc and Chester bring it to Dodge City to try and find suitable parents.

Episode 14: Doc's Reward: After a man shoots his horse Doc kills him.

Episode 15: Kitty Lost: Kitty goes off on a drive with a man and does not return, so Matt goes looking for her.

Episode 16: Twelfth Night: A hillbilly from Virginia looks to continue his feud in Dodge City.

Episode 17: Joe Phy: Matt chases after the man who shot him.

Episode 18: Buffalo Man: Matt and Chester are taken captive by buffalo hunters who are hunting on Indian land.

Episode 19: Kitty Caught: Kitty is taken hostage by the Gunner Brothers (played by Pat Conway and Bruce Gordon) after they rob the Dodge City bank.

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