Happy Days: The Fourth Season

We get some insight to 1950s middle class America with this popular television series. The Cunningham family, Richie (played by Ron Howard), Joanie (played by Erin Moran), Mrs. Cunningham (played by Marion Ross), and Mr. Cunningham (played by Tom Bosley), are portrayed as your average family with friends Potsie (played by Anson Williams), Ralph (played by Don Most) and, of course, The Fonz (played by Henry Winkler) seen as the 'wilder' characters. Watch it and discover what it was like to be a teenager during the 1950s.

Episode 1: Fonzie Loves Pinky, Part 1: Fonzie gets back together with his old girlfriend, Pinky Tuscadero (played by ).

Episode 2: Fonzie Loves Pinky, Part 2: Richie tries to get his Dad to delay the start of the demolition derby.

Episode 3: Fonzie Loves Pinky, Part 3: Fonzie tells Richie that he loves Pinky and wants to marry her.

Episode 4: A Mind of his Own: Fonzie agrees to go see a psychologist after getting into a few fights.

Episode 5: Fonzie the Father: A friend of Fonzie's pregnant wife stays at the Cunningham's alone with Richie.

Episode 6: Fonzie's Hero: After Potsie saves Fonzie from a fire Fonzie grants him one wish and Potsie wishes that gets to hang around with The Fonz.

Episode 7: A Place of His Own: Fonzie allows Richie to use his apartment to be alone with a girl.

Episode 8: They Shoot Fonzie's, Don't They?: Joanie gets Fonzie to be her partner at a marathon dance contest.

Episode 9: The Muckrakers: Richie, hoping to have a career as a reporter, begins to investigate the food at his high school.

Episode 10: A.K.A. the Fonz: The new sheriff tries to force Fonzie to leave town.

Episode 11: Richie Branches Out: Richie falls for the Wisconsin Cola poster girl and pretends he is a successful hardware businessman in order to meet her.

Episode 12: Fonzie's Old Lady: Fonzie meets an older lady while fixing her car and makes plans to meet her for tennis the next day at the country club.

Episode 13: Time Capsule: Richie and his friends make a time capsule for a high school project.

Episode 14: The Book of Records: In order to gain some publicity, Al tries to get someone to break a world record at his diner.

Episode 15: A Shot in the Dark: Richie makes a lucky shot to win a basketball game and becomes a hero.

Episode 16: Marion Rebels: Bored because Joanie and Richie are taking care of themselves now, Marion gets a job as a waitress.

Episode 17: The Third Anniversary Show: The gang organizes a surprise 20th anniversary party for Marion and Howard.

Episode 18: Graduation, Part 1: The guys find out that Fonzie has been going to night school so he can graduate with them.

Episode 19: Graduation, Part 2: The guys try to speed up the graduation ceremony so Fonzie can make his speech.

Episode 20: The Physical: All the guys, including Fonzie, get letters from the army to report for physicals.

Episode 21: Joanie's Weird Boyfriend: Joanie decides to put some excitement into her life by joining the Red Devils gang.

Episode 22: Fonz-How, Inc: Howard comes up with an idea for a new trash compacter and Fonzie becomes his partner.

Episode 23: Spunky Come Home: Fonzie gets a dog which runs away when Potsie and Ralph leave the gate open.

Episode 24: The Last of the Big Time Malphs: Ralph begins to take football bets at 10:1 odd, but is in trouble when an big underdog pulls off a win and he owes a lot of people money.

Episode 25: Fonzie's Baptism: Fonzie begins to worry about his death after getting in a crash at a stock car event.

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