Hawaii Five-O: The Second Season

Steve McGarrett (Jack Lord – Dr. No) is the boss of an elite police division in Hawaii. The division investigates anything from burglary to assassination plots. They often find themselves up against super-villains and other sorts of criminal masterminds. The physical beauty of the Hawaiian Islands is on full display in this series. The series was hugely popular running for an amazing 12 years. This season features guest appearances by Marion Ross, Christopher Walken, Eric Braeden, and Al Michaels.

Episode 1: Thousand Pardons — You're Dead!: The bar women who are involved in a scam to bilk widows of their benefits turn up dead.

Episode 2: To Hell with Babe Ruth: After making his escape from a mental institute a crazy Japanese World War II veteran attempts to continue the war.

Episode 3: Forty Feet High and It Kills!: After having a scientist kidnapped, Wo Fat (Khigh Dhiegh – The Manchurian Candidate – 1962) wants to ship him to China.

Episode 4: Just Lucky, I Guess: After engaging a prostitute a salesman is a witness to a mobster killing her.

Episode 5: Savage Sunday: The local army barracks has its weapons stolen by a terrorist group.

Episode 6: A Bullet for McGarrett: Unbeknownst to his students a university professor is brainwashing them into becoming trained killers.

Episode 7: Sweet Terror: There is a terrorist plot in the works that is attempting to destroy the sugarcane industry on the island and the squad must try and stop it.

Episode 8: King Kamehameha Blues: Some college students come up with a plan to steal the cloak of King Kamehameha.

Episode 9: The Singapore File: For McGarrett it is a dangerous task when he tries to escort an important witness to Hawaii from Singapore.

Episode 10: All the King's Horses: There is something unusual about the assassination attempt on a politician.

Episode 11: Leopard on the Rock: When a dictator's plane is forced to land in Hawaii as part of an assassination plot the boys of the Five-O scramble to protect him.

Episode 12: The Devil and Mr. Frog: After a kidnap victim escapes the members of the Five-O try to get the ransom money back.

Episode 13: The Joker's Wild, Man, Wild: In order to win the heart of a wealthy young woman two men perform outrageous and dangerous feats.

Episode 14: Which Way Did They Go?: After realizing that they were fooled into protecting the wrong bank, McGarrett and his men try to find the clever crook.

Episode 15: Blind Tiger: After opening a package with a bomb in it McGarrett is left sightless. The rest of the squad try to find out who sent him the package.

Episode 16: Bored, She Hung Herself: The health expert who developed a technique that involves hanging is under suspicion when his girlfriend ends up dead.

Episode 17: Run, Johnny, Run: An AWOL sailor is accused of shooting an MP.

Episode 18: Killer Bee: A Vietnam vet, who is now a mental health worker, tries to drive another veteran crazy.

Episode 19: The One with the Gun: When a man is killed during a poker game his brother wants revenge.

Episode 20: Cry, Lie: A scandal involving bribery lands Chin Ho (Kam Fong – appeared in episodes of Magnum P.I.) in trouble.

Episode 21: Most Likely to Murder: When an officer investigates his wife's murder it strains the friendship he has with Dan Williams (James MacArthur – appeared in episodes of Gunsmoke and Bonanza).

Episode 22: Nightmare Road: Some people want to get a scientist off of the island by submarine.

Episode 23: Three Dead Cows at Makapuu (Part 1): After cows are dead as a result of studies he is doing on a contagion and it now threatens humans, a scientist is torn about his work.

Episode 24: Three Dead Cows at Makapuu (Part 2): The Five-O try to find the vial of the killer contagion before it spreads throughout Hawaii.

Episode 25: Kiss the Queen Goodbye: Wanting to steal a priceless jewel, a woman forces a politician to take her to an event it will be at.

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