Hellraiser: Deader

I have never found a very pale bald man wearing bondage type leather clothing with pins sticking out his head particularly frightening. Am I alone here? Author Clive Barker (Candyman and Hellraiser) has created the character of Pinhead in his very popular Hellraiser novels, but I have never found that it translated very well to the screen. This movie did have potential, the first half which focuses on the Deaders cult is pretty creepy. The second half of the film is not as good and the ending falls flat. It seems like it is almost a piecemeal script – with some scenes being quite good and then others weak. This unevenness in quality could be because there were two scriptwriters used. Neal Marshall Stevens (Thirteen Ghosts) originally wrote a script – which was not meant to be a Hellraiser movie – which sat around for a few years and then Tim Daly(Hellraiser: Hellseeker) was brought in to add the Hellraiser touches. Director Rick Bota (They and Hellraiser: Hellseeker) is directing his third Hellraiser movie and he does a decent job at creating tension, but the tension of the first half is not enough to save the film.

Amy Klein (Kari Wuhrer – Anaconda and Higher Learning), a London Underground newspaper reporter whose stories focus on the underside of humanity, wakes up in a shooting gallery; she takes pictures of the addicts and then leaves. Back at the office her editor asks if she knows what "Deaders" are. Amy answers no. He shows her a videotape that he had received two weeks ago. It has on it a young girl (amongst a group of people) named Marla who takes a gun and shoots herself in the head. A young man covers her mouth twice with his and suddenly she is alive again. Her editor asks Amy if she is interested in the story and of course she is. The return address on the tape says Bucharest, Romania. Amy leaves for Romania.

Amy goes to an apartment building and pays the super $20 to go into an apartment. She tells him she is looking for a friend named Marla. The apartment smells bad and there is rotting food everywhere. Amy discovers a dead girl in the bathroom; it is Marla. Amy searches the rest of the apartment and finds photos of Marla and the man from the videotape. She takes an envelope from the bathroom. The envelope has "help us" written on it. She also takes a weird looking box from the dead girl's hand. As she is doing this the dead girl suddenly moves reaching for Amy. Amy runs out of the apartment. She finds a key and another videotape in the envelope. The videotape is of Marla telling Amy that "he" will ask you to join him and not to open the box. "He" needs you to open the box and instructs her to go to a subway station. Amy plays with the box and it suddenly starts moving on its own. Suddenly chains come out of it and grab her head. Pinhead (Doug Bradley – Hellraiser and An Ideal Husband) speaks to Amy. She wakes up with a start back at her hotel room. After getting on a subway and meeting someone named Joey (Marc Warren – Shine) tells her where to find the Deaders. Amy goes to where all the Deaders live and the man from the videotape and the photos, Winter (Paul Rhys – Absolute Beginners and Vincent and Theo), is there. She shows him the box and he says it is a family heirloom and is a way to cheat death. Winter says he has picked Amy because she is the "chosen one" and wants Amy to stab herself so he can try to bring her back to life. Amy starts having flashbacks to when she was a child and her father physically abused her. She wakes up again in her hotel room. Amy begins to feel as if she is losing her mind. Something strange is going on and Amy has to get to the bottom of it if she wants her story.

Special DVD Features:
-Deleted and extended scenes with optional director commentary.
-The making of the Deader.
-Gag Reel
-Feature commentary tracks
-Behind the visual effects of Hellraiser: Deader
-Storyboard-to-film comparisons
-Location scouting
-Practical effects with Cary Tunnicliffe
-Photo gallery

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