Hercules: The Legendary Journeys – Season 1

Throughout all of stories based on legend and myths one of the most popular is Hercules. As legend has it Hercules is a man of incredible strength and with a huge heart to match. The television series begins with Hercules as a child, then as a young boy and finally as the adult hero he became. In his role as a hero Hercules has to wage battle against many dastardly villains of the mortal and immortal varieties. Monsters, full armies and demons also try to defeat Hercules.

Episode 1: Hercules in the Maze of the Minotaur: Hercules (played by Kevin Sorbo) discovers he has a half-brother he never knew about.

Episode 2: Hercules in the Underworld: Hercules leaves his family to help a young girl save her city.

Episode 3: Hercules and the Circle of Fire: All over the world the fires are dying and the planet is on the verge of become a ball of ice.

Episode 4: Hercules and the Lost Kingdom: Hercules is once again being chased by his number one enemy – his stepmother Hera.

Episode 5: Hercules and the Amazon Women: Hercules is taken captive and tortured under the orders of Hera.

Episode 6: The Wrong Path: A giant fireball kills Hercules's wife and three children. Consumed with revenge Hercules wants to kill Hera, who is responsible for their deaths.

Episode 7: Eye of the Beholder: A village is being terrorized by a giant Cyclops so it is Hercules to the rescue.

Episode 8: The Road to Calydon: Hercules tries to protect a group of refugees from Hera.

Episode 9: The Festival of Dionysus: Queen Camilla (played by Iilona Rodgers), believing there is going to be trouble, asks Hercules to come to the Festival of Dionysus.

Episode 10: Ares: Ares (played by Mark Newnham) tries to build up an army of young boys and Hercules knows he has to stop him.

Episode 11: As Darkness Falls: Hera challenges Nemis (played by Cliff Curtis) to kill Hercules.

Episode 12: Pride Comes Before a Brawl: Pride and arrogance come between Hercules and Iolaus (played for Michael Hurst).

Episode 13: The March to Freedom: Hercules returns home to visit his mother.

Episode 14: The Warrior Princess: Xena (played by Lucie Lawless) comes to the conclusion that she must kill Hercules to accomplish what she wants to.

Episode 15: Gladiator: Menas Maxius (played by Ian Hune) forces Hercules and Gladius (played by Tony Todd) to fight each other.

Episode 16: The Vanishing Dead: A mystery brings Hercules and Iolaus to the town Tantalus.

Episode 17: The Gauntlet: Hercules is upset when he hears that Xena is raiding villages in order to gain strength.

Episode 18: Unchained Heart: Hercules and Xena believe that Darphus (played by Matthew Chamberlain) has been killed.

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