Heroes: Season 3

Heroes is a huge sci-fi television series. It's main story is about people all over the world discovering that they have super powers. Once they discover their powers, they all try to figure out how to live their lives with this knowledge.

Season one was raved about then season two was raked over the coals by the critics. What is season three like? It is full of action, villains, government sponsored torture, surprises, twists, destiny, and of course heroes. The beginning of season three is confusing and muddled but if you stick it out for the second half you will be amply rewarded.

Episode 1: The Second Coming: Peter comes from the future in order to alter history.

Episode 2: The Butterfly Effect: A group of villains are able to escape from The Company's level 5.

Episode 3: One of Us, One of Them: HRG (played by Jack Coleman) and Sylar (played by Jeremy Quinto) become the oddest of partners.

Episode 4: I Am Become Death: Matt (played by Greg Grunberg) has dreams about the future.

Episode 5: Angels and Monsters: Daphne (played by Brea Grant) gathers a group of specials for Linderman (played by Malcolm McDowell)

Episode 6: Dying of the Light: Peter (played by Milo Ventimiglia) discovers his father (played by Robert Forster) is alive.

Episode 7: Eri's Quod Sum: Sylar goes after Peter but he finds himself part of Pinehearst.

Episode 8: Villains: Hiro's (played by Masi Oka) spirit walk takes him back one year where he discovers the circumstances around the death of Arthur Petrelli.

Episode 9: It's Coming: A catastrophic event is about to happen so Arthur and Angela (played by Cristine Rose) round up their troops.

Episode 10: The Eclipse, Part 1: As an eclipse is happening the heroes' powers disappear.

Episode 11: The Eclipse, Part 2: As the eclipse goes away the heroes powers begin to return.

Episode 12: Our Father: Claire (played by Hayden Panettiere) and Hiro travel back 16 years to alter the catalyst.

Episode 13: Dual: Peter and Hiro try to destroy The Formula.

Episode 14: A Clear and Present Danger: Nathan (played by Adrian Pasdar) reveals his power to the President.

Episode 15: Trust and Blood: The plane carrying The Specials crashes and the hunt for them continues.

Episode 16: Building 26: Abby Collins (played by Moira Kelly) is Nathan's new boss and she does not believe in his project:

Episode 17: Cold Wars: Peter, Matt and Mohinder (played by Sendhil Ramamurthy) kidnap HRG in order to read his mind to figure out what their next step will be.

Episode 18: Exposed: Matt and Peter break into Building 26 in order to find Daphne.

Episode 19: Shades of Gray: Sylar finally meets his father.

Episode 20: Cold Snap: The Rebel's identity is finally revealed.

Episode 21: Into Asylum: The Petrellis go underground and Danko (played by Zeljko Ivanek) teams up with Sylar to take down a shape shifter.

Episode 22: Turn and Face the Strange: The Petrellis head to the site of the government's Icarus Project which went amuck in the 1960s.

Episode 23: 1961: The Petrellis look into Angela's past at Coyote Sands in order to figure out the beginnings of The Company.

Episode 24: I Am Sylar: Nathan tries to throw a wrench into Danko and Sylar's plans.

Episode 25: An Invisible Thread: The heroes all try to stop Sylar in his plan for world domination.

Special Features: The Super Powers of Heroes, Deleted Scenes, Completing the Scene, The Prop Box, Tim Sale Gallery of Screen Art, Pinehearst Commercial, Alternate Stories, Genetics of a Scene, The Writers' Forum

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