High School Musical: The Ice Tour Preview

Disney's High School Musical has become a pop phenomenon over the past several years. With the television show and the two feature length films making talented teenagers like Vanessa Hudgens, Zac Efron and Ashley Tisdale huge stars.

The ice show is divided into two parts the first being High School Musical and the second being high school musical 2. With the two parts you have fun, music, fireworks, and dancing all done by a large cast of world-class skaters. Following the romantic story of East High Wildcat students Gabriella Montez and Troy Bolton, we see them fall in love musically on ice. It is like "Grease" on ice. All sectors of the high school population are represented as the cheerleaders, athletes, rich kids, and the cool kids.

The pop songs are catchy and fun plus the choreography is of the quality you have come to love on the show, so pick up your tickets or you will be disappointed.

Additional Information:
-Website: www.disney.go.com
-Ticket Purchase: www.admission.com or (514) 790-1245
-Ticket Prices: $21.50, $27.50, $32.50, $37.50, $47.50, $57.50, $87.50

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