Holly Hobbie and Friends: Fabulous Fashion Show

For several generations now Holly Hobbie has been entertaining mothers and daughters alike with her spunky personality and charm. The latest version of Holly Hobbie has been modernized quite a bit. She is the 21st century version and the granddaughter of the bonnet wearing Holly Hobbie that some of you mothers might remember.

Holly and the Hey Girl Club are the hot new things in the fashion world. They have created some of the most desired new clothes of the season. Their designs are proof that everything works out better when you do it with your friends.

The singing and dancing will capture the younger viewers and the emphasis on friendship will win over parents. You can't go wrong buying this for the young lady in your life.

Special Features:
-Inside Outfits Game
-2 Sing-Alongs: "Home is Where Your Hat is" and "Let Your Inside Out"

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