How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days: Deluxe Edition – Blu-ray Edition

How To Lose An Audience in 2 Hours

1) Attempt a women's version of What Women Want.

2) Base the film on a book dumbed-down to a Cosmo readership.

3) Assume the audience is not working with a fully functioning deck.

4) Assume the audience to be either love-lorn teenagers on a date or superficially puerile adult women.

5) If you're in déja vu mode for most of the film, it's because you've seen this plot hundreds of times before.

6) You'd think that women with university degrees from Columbia could do better than write for an inane women's magazine.

7) The narrative equates femininity with the worst kind of female manipulations.

8) The best parts are in the trailer: which translates to 20 authentically funny minutes of the film.

9) Behold an unsuccessful attempt to catapult easy-on-the-eyes Kate Hudson and hunkster Matthew McConaughey into romantic comedy stardom. Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks did it better.

10) After the incisive and intellignt Igby Goes Down, couldn't usually proficient scribe Burr Steers have made a better contribution to the film world?

Special Features:
-How to Make a Movie in 2 Years
-Why the Sexes Battle
-Girls Night Out
-Deleted Scenes
-Music Video: "Somebody Like You" by Keith Urban

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