ICarly: Season 2 – Volume 1

Carly (played by Miranda Cosgrove) lives the life of a normal teenage girl. Well, except for the fact that she runs a popular online show (called ICarly, of course) out of her loft. Carly lives there with her brilliant but spacey brother, Spencer (played by Jerry Trainor), who is a sculptor. Her partners on her show are tech guy Freddie (played by Nathan Kress) and co-host Sam (played by Jeannette McCurdy). Though the show is very successful it also leads to plenty of trouble for Carly and her friends.

Episode 1: ISaw Him First (Extended Version): Carly and Sam are think the same guy is cute and each try to best the other for his attention.

Episode 2: IStage an Intervention: Spencer becomes addicted to an old video game.

Episode 3: IOwe You: Sam owes Freddie and Carly a wack of cash and has to find herself a job.

Episode 4: IHurt Lewbert: Freddie's mom takes care of the injured doorman and before you can say "hearts and arrows" a romance blooms.

Episode 5: IGo to Japan: (First ICarly TV Movie): ICarly is nominated for an IWeb Award and everyone goes to Japan for the awards ceremony.

Episode 6: IPie: When the owner of the best pie shop in town dies Carly and her friends try to locate his delicious recipes.

Episode 7: IChristmas: After Spencer has angered her Carly wishes for a normal brother for Christmas, but a Christmas angel shows her that her life would not necessarily be better.

Episode 8: IKiss: Sam crosses the line when she reveals on an episode of ICarly that Freddie has never kissed a girl.

Episode 9: IGive Away a Car: Nevel ends up being the first winner of a car given away on ICarly.

Episode 10: IRocked the Vote: The losing contestant on America Sings gets help making a music video by the ICarly people.

Episode 11: IMeet Freddie: Spencer finds his magic meatball.

Special Features: The Making of "IGo to Japan", Behind-the-Scenes Extras

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