Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

While this the third installation of the Ice Age animated film series is probably the weakest of the lot it still has its enjoyable moments. That is not to say that this is a good film, however.

Manny the mammoth (Ray Romano – from television's Everybody Loves Raymond) and Ellie (Queen Latifah – Chicago, The Secret Life of Bees) are expecting a baby any day now. This causes much anxiety in Manny as he tries to baby proof everything and worries constantly about Ellie. This change in the group causes Sid the sloth (John Leguizamo – Miracle at St. Anna, The Happening) his own anxiety.

While wandering about Sid falls through the ice and ends up in a jungle land with no ice anywhere. He wants to become a parent so badly that when he finds three giant eggs in a cave he treats them as if they were his own kids. Their real mother, an angry T.Rex, wants them back, but Sid will not give them up so easily. She snatches Sid up along with her kids and carries him off.

Diego (Dennis Leary – from television's Rescue Me) also is having a rough time adjusting to the new circumstances within the group. He feels as if he is losing his edge. The fact that Manny and Ellie are becoming parents and the whole group is moving towards domesticity does not bode well with the sabre-tooth tiger. And after having an argument with Manny he decides to strike out on his own.

It is now up to Manny, Diego and Ellie to try and rescue Sid. Once they get to the jungle they are helped by a crazy eye-patched weasel named Buck (Simon Pegg – Star Trek, Run Fatboy Run). The disjointed group now has to work together to try and save one of their own in the dangerous land of dinosaurs.

Even with animated films the most important thing is the script closely followed by the voice cast. Well, the voice cast in this film does an admirable job making even weak lines seem funny. You are fooled into laughing at them because the actors are so skilled in making you laugh, but if you look back you'll realize that it really wasn't that funny afterall.

The film gets better when the motley crew reaches the lost world of dinosaurs. There the level of humour improves and has fun action scenes. The suspense is built in a way that is not too scary for kids, but will still entertain the adults in the audience.

For the most part the film is fun in a harmless kind of way. The kind of way that will entertain the younger members of the audience, but might frustrate the older ones.

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