Ice Age: The Meltdown

Thinking they have found paradise, Manny (Ray Romano – from television's Everybody Loves Raymond), Diego (Dennis Leary – from television's Rescue Me) and Sid (John Leguizamo – Ice Age, Collateral Damage) have settled down with a whole community of animals in a valley. Their piece of paradise is jeopardized when they find out from Fast Tony (Jay Leno) that the ice is melting and will be flooding the valley in a couple of days. A vulture (Ron Arnett – from television's Arrested Development) tells them that there is a boat at the other end of the valley that they can all get in. The whole community decides to start on the voyage right away, except that is for Scrat (Chris Wedge – Robots, Ice Age), who has found an acorn and will not be abandoning his pursuit of it for anything. On the trip Diego, Manny and Sid meet up with Crash (Seann William Scott – American Pie, The Dukes of Hazzard) and Eddie (Josh Peck – Snow Day), two possum brothers, and Ellie (Queen Latifah – Chicago, Set It Off), a female wooly mammoth. Manny is ecstatic that he has found another mammoth because he was beginning to believe he was the last one. The only problem is that Ellie believes herself to be a possum. This ragtag group voyages together to find the boat and has many an adventure along the way.

Though the plot is not as original or interesting as the first one, you still find yourself entertained with the film. There is plenty of comedy and even tender moments in the sequel. The film starts off with a bang featuring plenty of comedy and the end is surprisingly poignant, but the film gets somewhat bogged down in the middle. Nothing too serious though. Co-director of the first film, Carlos Saldanha (Robots), is brought back for the second and he manages to expand the number of characters to no one's detriment. A film that will be enjoyed by all ages and it will melt the hearts of even the most cynical of viewers.

Special Features:
-"No Time for Nuts"
-A first glimpse of The Simpson movie
-Crash and Eddie stunts
-The animation director's chair
-Meet Crash and Eddie
-Meet Ellie
-Lost historical films
-Scrat's piranha smackdown sound effects lab
-Outtake prank
-Silly Sid and John Leguizamo
-Music montage
-Marketing the Meltdown
-Ice Age arcade
-Fox promos for Family Fun, Garfield: Purrrfect Collector's Edition, Miracle on 34th Street, Care Bears: "Oopsy Does It", and Ice Age 2: The Meltdown Video Game promo

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