I Dream of Jeannie: The Complete Second Season

For those of you who might not know, this television series was based on the premise of a NASA astronaut, Captain Tony Nelson (Larry Hagman – from television's Dallas), crashing on an island finding a bottle with a genie in it. Jeannie (Barbara Eden), the genie, comes to live with Captain Nelson. She considers him her 'master' but it causes problems for Captain Nelson as NASA keeps close tabs on him and Jeannie becomes harder and harder to hide from them.

The television show was highly successful with many a young man wishing they had a beautiful genie at their disposal and many young women wished they could be Jeannie. The trouble that Jeannie unintentionally causes Captain Nelson is often quite funny. A modern touch has been added to the DVD in that the episodes are now in colour.

Disc One:
Episode 1: Happy Anniversary: Since it is one year since Tony found Jeannie she tries to instill some romance into their relationship and transports them to the island he found her on. Unfortunately, the evil Blue Djinn, who was the one who put Jeannie in her bottle 2,000 years ago, is also there.

Episode 2: Always on Sunday: Believing that Tony is working too hard, Jeannie changes everyday to Sunday.

Episode 3: My Master, The Rich Tycoon: Jeannie, who is hurt by a comment about by a visitor about the furniture, changes Tony's house in a palace.

Episode 4: My Master, The Rainmaker: When rain threatens to ruin Jeannie and Tony's romantic picnic Jeannie does something about the weather.

Episode 5: My Wild-Eyed Master: After Tony's result from his eye exam show that his eyes are not perfect Jeannie tries to make his vision better.

Episode 6: What's New, Poodle Dog?: Jeannie is angry when she finds out that Roger has set Tony up on a date so she changes Roger into a dog.

Episode 7: Fastest Gun in the West: Tony dreams of living in the Wild West and Jeannie decides to send him back in time.

Special Features:
-Previews of I Dream of Jeannie, Gidget and the Flying Nun, Ladies' Night, '80s Hits, Bewitched, and Bewitched TV.

Disc Two:
Episode 8: How to be a Genie in 10 Easy Lessons: Roger suggests that Tony give Jeannie a copy of "Tales of the Arabian Nights" in order for her to learn how to be a 'good' genie.

Episode 9: Who Needs a Green-Eyed Genie?: Jeannie is jealous when she believes that Tony is meeting another woman.

Episode 10: The Girl Who Never Had a Birthday – Part 1: Jeannie starts to fade away because she is unhappy about not knowing when her birthday is.

Episode 11: The Girl Who Never Had a Birthday – Part 2: Tony does everything he can to get the date of Jeannie's birthday from Roger.

Episode 12: How Do You Beat Superman?: Due to her perception that Tony is not paying attention to her, Jeannie conjures up her dream man – Tony Millionaire.

Episode 13: My Master, The Great Caruso: Jeannie gives Tony Enrico Caruso's voice which cause many problems for him.

Episode 14: The Greatest Lover in the World: Jeannie really makes love blind when she makes every woman fall for Roger.

Episode 15: Jeannie Breaks the Bank: Jeannie discovers how much Tony earns and tries to better it by putting $3 million in his bank account.

Disc Three:
Episode 16: My Master, the Author: Jeannie writes a book about childcare and submits Tony's name as the author.

Episode 17: The Greatest Invention in the World: Roger is granted one wish from Jeannie by Tony but he accidentally wishes for something he did not want.

Episode 18: My Master, The Spy: While having breakfast with Tony in Paris, Jeannie sends a duplicate of him to attend a meeting with General Patterson.

Episode 19: You Can't Arrest Me, I Don't Have a Driver's License: Jeannie causes a traffic jam and her car is impounded.

Episode 20: One of Our Bottles is Missing: Dr. Bellow's wife, Amanda, loves Jeannie's bottle and insists on borrowing it so she can make a copy.

Episode 21: My Poor Master, the Civilian: After Tony is offered a job in the private sector, Jeannie and Roger hope he will not give up on his dream to go to the moon.

Episode 22: There Goes the Best Genie I Ever Had: Tired of Jeannie's interfering in his life, Tony debates if on Master's Day whether he will send Jeannie back.

Episode 23: The Greatest Entertainer in the World: Tony is planning an event for General Patterson and Jeannie tries to help him out by getting Tony's favourite performer, Sammy Davis Jr.

Disc Four:
Episode 24: My Incredible Shrinking Master: Jeannie accidentally shrinks Tony and a cat proves to be problematic.

Episode 25: My Master, the Pirate: Tony mentions to Jeannie that he would have liked to meet a famous pirate and she makes it happen.

Episode 26: A Secretary is not a Toy: Jeannie applies to be General Patterson's secretary as she thinks this is a way to make Tony a General.

Episode 27: There Goes the Bride: Trying desperately to become Tony's bride, Jeannie casts and ancient love spell.

Episode 28: My Master, Napoleon's Buddy: With help from Jeannie, Tony travels back in time to spend a short time with his hero, Napoleon.

Episode 29: The Birds and the Bee Bit: When he learns that a genie loses her powers when she marries a mortal, Tony proposes to Jeannie.

Episode 30: My Master, The Swinging Bachelor: Dr. Bellows and his wife invite themselves over to Tony's.

Episode 31: The Mod Party: Roger's plans for a huge party are in jeopardy when NASA schedules an event for the same evening.

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