Imagine: The Peace Ballad of John and Yoko Preview

They say that in life you get what you pay for. Well, this is most certainly not the case with the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts' "Imagine: The Peace Ballad of John & Yoko" exhibit. Admission to the exhibit is free, but what you take away from it is priceless.

The exhibit comes out of a Bed-in that John Lennon and Yoko One did in 1969 at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel here in Montreal. The Bed-in garnered headlines around the world and demonstrated John and Yoko's commitment to world peace. Forty years later the event is still remembered and now a traveling exhibit has come to town commemorating the Bed-in for peace.

With this interactive exhibit (they even encourage you to bring a camera to take a picture of yourself in the bed) you will learn of the cultural and political climate of the world in 1969 and the couple's message of peace. The 140 items in the exhibit include photos, video, works of art, and various interactive items. The universal message of peace began with these two activists and is carried on through the exhibit.

Additional Information:
-Admission: Free
-Hours: Tuesday: 11:00-5:00
Wednesday-Friday: 11:00-9:00
Saturday-Sunday: 10:00-5:00

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