Into the Storm: Churchill at War

Being one of the most influential people in modern history and the leader of one of the most powerful countries in the world means that there are going to be films made about you. Powerful British leaders have had many films made about them. Thankfully the films about England's World War II Prime Minister has been done by HBO. The first film about Churchill during the war, "The Gathering Storm", was excellent and you had to wonder whether they could duplicate the quality once again.

During the five years that Prime Minister Winston Churchill (Brendan Gleeson – Green Zone, Beowulf) led his country through World War II he played an important role in the battle against the Nazis. During this time he was a fearless leader and inspired millions. After the war things changed dramatically for Churchill. It was almost as if the country he loved and the people who adored him during World War II did not need his type of leadership anymore during this time of peace and so…they turned on him.

The fearlessness and stern qualities that served him so well during the war no were no longer appreciated. These characteristics also jeopardized his marriage to his wife Clementine (Janet McTeer – Waking the Dead, As You Like It). Oddly enough, Churchill's life was much more difficult after World War II than it was during.

Brendan Gleeson takes over from Albert Finney in the title role and does a great job. He owns the role. This versatile actor shows another facet of his talent. His interpretation of the character is different from Finney's, but he does not do it just to be different from Finney's portrayal (which was also excellent). Gleeson makes Churchill his own.

Some budding historians out there might argue that some facts about what happened have been altered, but that is a silly argument. This is a film you sticklers out there have to accept that things always have to be dramatized. It does not decrease the quality of the film. The important thing is that it succeeds in showing us how dark these times were for Winston Churchill.

Special Features:
-The Making of Into the Storm

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