Jackass – Number Two: Unrated

The entire crazy group from this popular (though I have to admit I don't know why…must be a guy thing) MTV series is back for another go at it. And hey, you can't really blame them as they all made a chunk of change with the first one. It is once again full of the crazy stunts and stuff that made them so popular. You will witness urination, terrorists, bears, bees, snakes, bulls, sharks, and other not-a good-idea type stunts. Johnny Knoxville (The Dukes of Hazzard, Jackass) even tries to insert some cerebral stuff by playing with different regions ideas of political correctness. I don't know how that will go over with his crowd (14-year-old pimply white guys), but let's not fault him for experimenting. In this version they also try to combine Jackass with Punk'd and play tricks on some unsuspecting victims. I am not going to speak of the merits of the film because even high school kids and frat guys need to laugh! And I would even forward the argument that it cannot be completely devoid of brains as Spike Jonze (Adaptation, Being John Malkovich) writes for it and appears in the film.

Special Features:
-The Making of Jackass Number Two
-16 Deleted Scenes
-29 Additional Segments: 9 TV Spots, 8 Promotional Spots, Outtakes
-Karazy Music Video (unblurred version)
-Theatrical Trailer
-VMA Spots

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