Jag: The Sixth Season

A mix of action, courtroom scenes, romance, and comedy Jag had a fairly long run on television as a weekly series. Involves a branch of the military that is comprised of trained lawyers try and defend military personal accused of crimes. There is plenty of patriotism and honor to be had with this show. For those who might be offended, Jag is definitely pro-American military show, so buyer beware.

Episode 1: Legacy (Part 1): Mac and Bud prosecute a Naval commander who is accused of selling secrets to the Russians.

Episode 2: Legacy (Part 2): Mac travels to Russia in order to try and stop an assassination.

Episode 3: Florida Straits: An American Navy frigate captain rescues a girl from the water and sets off a national incident with Cuba.

Episode 4: Flight Risk: Two pilots are killed when their newly upgraded jet crashes.

Episode 5: Jag TV: Mac is not comfortable in the public eye when her case is chosen to be the first Jag court martial broadcast.

Episode 6: The Princess and the Petty Officer: Mac is ordered to represent an Arab princess who was smuggled into the U.S. by her fianc

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