Jake and the Fatman: Season Two

Jake and the Fatman (not sure how I feel about the title) was one of the more popular television crime dramas in the late 1980s. District Attourney J.L. McCabe (played by William Conrad) works in Los Angeles catching criminals there with the help of Assistant D.A. Derek Mitchell (played by Alan Campbell) and special investigator Jake Styles (played by Joe Penny). McCabe's eccentricity plays off nicely against Styles's laid back manner.

Don't think you got ripped off due to the fact that there are only 11 episodes as for some reason Jake and the Fatman was a mid-season replacement series during its second year.

Episode 1: Wish You Were Here, Part 1: Jake is off to Hawaii to visit a friend.

Episode 2: Wish You Were Here, Part 2: Jake continues his investigation into Graney's murder.

Episode 3: I'll Never Smile Again: A tourist tries to stop a mugging and ends up getting stabbed, but the kicker is he ends up alive while the mugger ends up dead from a gunshot wound.

Episode 4: Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered: While investigating the robbery at a transportation company Jake finds himself getting quite close to the owner.

Episode 5: Why Can't You Behave?: McCabe's son (played by Tom Isbell) has a part in the death of a senator who happened to be McCabe's friend.

Episode 6: Poor Butterfly: A pimp who murders a prostitute who was going to testify against him now has to deal with Jake.

Episode 7: It Ain't Necessarily So: Publisher of adult magazines, Wallace Cogan (played by Alex Cord) and his wife (played by Lenore Kasdorf) are victims of a burglary and she ends up dead.

Episode 8: Someone to Watch Over Me: A young woman is found dead on the beach and her boyfriend is the prime suspect, but someone tries to kill him before Jake can get to the bottom of it.

Episode 9: They Can't Take That Away From Me: Jake and two friends take part in a drug bust that does not go well.

Episode 10: Side by Side: While fishing with the son of a friend, McCabe finds a bomb on their boat.

Episode 11: Snowfall: Jake helps the Secret Service in trying to catch a money counterfeiter.

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