James Stewart: Screen Legend Collection

If you were to choose the American actor who best represented the everyday kinda person then screen legend James Stewart would probably be your pick. Part of his success came from his ability to play the average Joe and make the viewer feel as they were watching him that anyone could do it. Stewart had a casual and easy way about him, which translated well onto the screen. Anyone who is a collector of classic films or a James Stewart fan should be excited about this 5 DVD collection as 3 of the films are making their DVD debut.

Disc One:
Next Time We Love:
Director: Edward H. Griffith

Career oriented newsman Christopher Tyler (James Stewart) marries up-and-coming actress, Cicely (Margaret Sullavan – I Loved A Soldier). Things are fine in the beginning and they even have a child, but when Cicely's career takes off is when the trouble for the two begins. When their careers pull them in completely different directions their marriage is threatened. Things go from bad to worse when Christopher is fired from his job making Cicely the breadwinner. The two separate and Cicely's friend Tommy Abbott (Ray Milland – Charlie Chan in London, Beau Geste) declares his love for her.

You Gotta Stay Happy:
Director: H.C. Porter

Dee Dee Dillwood (Joan Fontaine – Jane Eyre, Rebecca) is a rich heiress who has made a habit of getting engaged and not marrying the guy. It is now her 6th engagement and she runs out on this one as well. She meets struggling pilot Marvin Payne (James Stewart) and they leave together on a topsy-turvy cross-country cargo plane ride. Along for their adventure are a pack of odd passengers.

Special Features:

Disc Two:
Thunder Bay:
Director: Anthony Mann

Two oil troubleshooters, Steve Martin (James Stewart) and Johnny Gambi (Dan Duryea – The Flight of the Phoenix – 1965, The Pride of the Yankees), take a chance on an oil site despite having their hands full due to two feisty women, a treacherous hurricane and a bunch of Cajun fisherman who don't want them around.

Special Features:

The Glenn Miller Story:
Director: Anthony Mann

Glenn Miller (James Stewart) was one of America's most famous bandleaders ever. This biopic covers his whole life from his impoverished beginnings to his death in the early 1940s.

Disc Three:
Director: Andrew V. McLaglen

In Shenandoah, Virginia land owner and farmer Charlie Anderson (James Stewart) is doing fine until the beginning of the Civil War. He refuses to partake in the war until a vicious attack on his home and family force him to change his mind. The deciding factor is when his youngest son (Phillip Alford – To Kill A Mockingbird) is taking prisoner by soldiers from the North. Anderson now has to join the Confederate fight in order to try and get his son back.

Special Features:

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