Jean-Michel Cousteau: Ocean Adventure – Voyage to Kure

For those of you who are interested in the environment, preservation, birds, sharks, and all types of sea life then this DVD should be an interesting watch for you. Jean-Michel Cousteau, son of the famous diver Jacques Cousteau, and his crew of 20 take us on a voyage that lasted 6 weeks to the most northwest Hawaiian Island Archipelago. We get to see this little-known ecosystem in all its splendor in Voyage to Kure. Kure is one of the world's farthest islands. First shown on PBS as a two-part special, the 1,200 mile Voyage to Kure is narrated by Pierce Brosnan. We get to visit Serendipity and Rapture Reefs, French Frigate Shoals, Tern Island, La Perouse Pinnacle, Raita Bank, Maro Reef, Laysan Island, Pearl and Hermes Atolls, Midway Island, and finally the Kure Atoll. During the team's over 300 dives, much of the focus of the two episodes is to show the damage over-fishing and pollution has on the plant and animal life even in this remote area. Human pollution, through all our plastic waste (lighters, toys, vials, etc.), is swallowed by birds and passed on to other birds. Also shows how sea life and coral are being destroyed by discarded fishing nets. Cousteau and his team succeed in revealing the wonders of this area and try to encourage its protection.

Special Features:
-PBS's website is identified where you can further investigate Jean-Michel Cousteau's team's excursion.

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