Jennifer’s Body: Unrated

Throughout this entire film I found myself totally divided about it. Was it a fun takeoff of the horror genre or was it just bad? That it was a little of both is probably closest to the truth. Some of the lines written by Oscar Award winner Diablo Cody are delightful. She really has a "hip to be square" way of writing her scripts. Unfortunately the film strays from the fun and more towards the horror which is often heavy handed and plodding.

Two teenage girls, Jennifer (Megan Fox – Transformers, How to Lose Friends & Alienate People) and Needy (Amanda Seyfried – Mama Mia, Chloe), have been friends since they first played together in the sandbox. They could not be more different however. Jennifer is a hottie, who is calculating and boy crazy and Needy is a mousy good girl with a cute but harmless boyfriend (Johnny Simmons – Hotel for Dogs, Evan Almighty). Needy is always in Jennifer's shadow, but she loves her so much (maybe too much) that she doesn't care.

One night after dumping the aforementioned nice boyfriend, Needy accompanies Jennifer to a dumpy bar to check out a band – Low Shoulder – in which the lead singer, Nikolai (Adam Brody – from television's The O.C.), has caught Jennifer's eye. During the course of their set the bar mysteriously and suddenly catches fire, killing several. Needy and Jennifer manage to get out, but a seemingly stunned Jennifer agrees to go with the band in their creepy van.

When Jennifer shows up at Needy's house much later that night something is different about her. Needy senses something is up, but this is her best friend in the world. Jennifer is not herself anymore; she has become something quite evil, but Needy made a promise to her long ago to never tattle on her best friend. What is a girl to do?

The film features plenty of gore, two attractive young girls and a smidgen of lesbianism to spice things up. All the ingredients are there to make a fun, tongue planted firmly in cheek farce of a horror film. Cody does well with the formula of gore followed by humour. You find yourself shocked then laughing within the span of seconds.

Somehow despite all the fun there is something about the film that doesn't work. Sometimes you are left feeling like the union of comedy and horror just doesn't work in this film. I have to say that director Karen Kusama (Aeon Flux, Girlfight) is to blame for this. She doesn't allow the comedy room to breathe; it is like she is taking the horror parts too seriously.

Also some of the acting is weak. It is surprising to say that Megan Fox is not up to snuff because based on her public persona she is basically playing herself in this film. The problem is that she is not adept at delivering Cody's witty lines, like say Ellen Page was. Amanda Seyfried does a good job, but it is Fox who the public will remember from this film.

As the film goes on the more serious it becomes and more and more terrible things are piled upon Needy. The more serious the film becomes the less interesting it becomes. Too bad because there certainly was some fun times to be had here.

Special Features:
-Extended Widescreen Unrated Version
-Trailers of Gentlemen Broncos, All About Steve, Fame, 500 Days of Summer, Family Guy: Something Something Something Dark Side, Feed Your Fear, Wrong Turn 3, and Whip It

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