John Wayne: The Franchise Collection

As he is one of the most popular American actors ever, a John Wayne Collection should be a part of every filmbuff's library. The American Film Institute named him number 13 on the list of greatest screen legends. He was a tough and rugged actor who made several classic Westerns and War films. A man's man that men wanted to be more like and women wanted to be with. Having made 160 films there is a huge catalogue to choose from and this is just one of many collections.

Reap the Wild Wind:
Director: Cecil B. DeMille

Off the Key West short two salvage companies do battle over the wreckages. One is an honest and legit company and one is not. Captain Phil Philpott (Lynne Overman – The Forest Rangers) and Loxi Claiborn (Paulette Goddard – The Great Dictator) head the legitimate one and the pirate King Cutler (Raymond Massey – How the West Was Won, East of Eden) the unscrupulous one. Obtaining the job of salvaging the cargo and rescuing the crew of the ship Juliette, Loxi finds herself falling for the captain, Jack Stuart (John Wayne). When Stuart's job is in jeopardy, Loxi travels to Charleston to defend him. She finds herself using any means available, including the affection for her of the company lawyer, Steve Tolliver (Ray Milland – Escape to Witch Mountain, The River's Edge). This triangle leads to bad choices on Stuart's part.

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The Spoilers:
Director: Ray Enright

It is the 1890s in a gold boomtown in Alaska and greed rules. Waging a battle for what is right, saloon entertainer Cherry Malotte (Marlene Dietrich – Judgment at Nuremberg, Witness for the Prosecution) finances two miners, Roy Glennister (John Wayne) and Al Dextry (Harry Carey – Duel in the Sun, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington), to do battle against a commissioner Alexander McNamara (Randolph Scott – My Favorite Wife, The Last of the Mohicans – 1936) who is trying to put an illegitimate claim on their gold.

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The War Wagon:
Director: Burt Kennedy

In order to pull off a large heist, a rancher who has just got out of jail, Taw Jackson (John Wayne), partners up with a man who shot him five years ago named Lomax (Kurt Douglas – Spartacus, The Man From Snowy River). They plan to get revenge on Frank Pierce (Bruce Cabot – Diamonds Are Forever, The Green Berets), who previously stole the gold from Jackson.

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Director: Andrew V. McLaglen

Film based on the real life experiences of fire fighters who specialize on oil-well fires. While battling a raging oil-well fire, demolitions expert Chance Buckman (John Wayne) hopes to reunite with his wife, Madelyn (Vera Miles – Into the Night, Psycho II) and his young daughter, Tish (Katharine Ross – Donnie Darko, The Swarm).

Rooster Cogburn:
Director: Stuart Millar

The story started in the Oscar-winning film "True Grit" continues as Deputy Marshall (John Wayne) helps a missionary, Eula Goodnight (Katharine Hepburn – On Golden Pond, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner), track down her father's killers.

Special Features:

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