Jo Koy: Don’t Make Him Angry

Filmed at the New York City Comedy Festival, Jo Koy has been called on of today's most talented young comedians. Using his high energy body movements and crazy impersonations, Jo Koy explores the issues of road rage, some of the worst places he has had to visit while on the road and some intimate family stories.

As a comedian he is silly and goofy and generally likable. I did laugh but it was hit and miss. Sometimes he allows his bits to go on a little too long. If he improves his timing then his shows will get a little tighter.

Topics: Alabama
F%*k France
Road Rage
My Mom and Wii
Ting! Ting!
Girls' Night Out
Women Make Love
Gift From God

Special Features: Comedy Central Presents: Jo Koy, Performance, Interview with Donnie "Crumbs" Counts, Interview with Moy Rivas, Horse with Moy Rivas, Interview with Little Jo, Jo Koy Dance Moves, Jo Koy – One on One

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