Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths – Blu-ray Edition

In this full-length film, the Justice League has to do battle against a variety of evil peeps on a parallel Earth. This version of Earth is ruled by the Crime Syndicate. These baddies are willing to go to any lengths and that seems to be an advantage over the like of Batman and Superman.

Lex Luthor appeals to the Justice League for help. He tells them he lives on a parallel Earth and there the version of the Justice League calls themselves the Crime Syndicate. They are not good guys – far from it. The Justice League, except for Batman, agrees to come over and try to defeat beings that look exactly like themselves.

The action scenes are great due to the high quality animation. It looks really sharp in blu-ray. Though it is ambitious the story remains fairly consistent and engaging.

It a nice little film for the fans of the television series Justice League. Fans who have been aching for more since the show went off the air will be happy.

Special Features: DC Showcase: The Spectre, "The New World" extended cut, "A First Look at the Next DC Universe Movie", Green Lantern First Look, Superman/Batman Public Enemies First Look, Wonder Woman: The Amazon Princess, Trailers, Bruce Timm's Top Picks; "A Better World" Parts 1 and 2, "Twilight" Parts 1 and 2, DC TV pilot episodes (live-action): Wonder Woman (previously on Wonder Woman S1 release), Aquaman (never before released), Digital Copy

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