Just Shoot Me!: The Complete Third Season

A politically minded daughter takes a job writing for her father's glitzy fashion magazine. Sound odd? Maybe. Sound like a situation that would be a breeding ground for plenty of laughs? Definitely. Throw in a photographer who woos every model he works with, a man-child who tries to get in the pants of all the models with no success and a ditzy former model who now writes for the magazine and you have a show that was successful for many years.

Episode 1: What the Teddy Bear Saw: Finch (played by David Spade) tries to get the surveillance tape that would show him and Jack's (played by George Segal) nanny (played by Ana Gasteyer) together.

Episode 2: Steamed: Jack wants one of the occupants of his building to move so he can install a steam room.

Episode 3: The Mask: Finch believes that Nina (played by Wendie Malick) has an imaginary alter ego.

Episode 4: Funny Girl: Finch dares Maya (played by Laura San Giancomo) to play a practical joke.

Episode 5: Two Girls for Every Boy: Finch plots to set Maya up with another woman.

Episode 6: The Withholder: Elliott (played by Enrico Colantoni) promises Finch that he will get revenge on a woman who wronged him.

Episode 7: Puppetmaster: Maya believes that her boyfriend is sending her messages through his puppets.

Episode 8: The List: Jack is very upset when he is not on the list of the most influential New Yorkers.

Episode 9: How Nina Got Her Groove Back: Nina is unhappy when a longtime rival announces she is retiring.

Episode 10: How the Finch Stole Christmas: Finch seeks revenge on everyone when he believes they are getting him a cheap Christmas gift.

Episode 11: Slow Donnie: Maya finds out that Elliott's brother is faking being 'slow'.

Episode 12: A Spy in the House of Me: Jack is not happy about Maya's high school boyfriend coming back to town.

Episode 13: Lies + Dolls: Maya is attracted to a political candidate but he only has eyes for Nina.

Episode 14: Nina Sees Red, Part 1: Finch's father starts dating again but Finch is not happy when he starts seeing Nina.

Episode 15: Nina Sees Red, Part 2: Finch has trouble accepting his father's engagement to Nina.

Episode 16: Hostess to Murder: Maya's hosts a murder mystery party that does not go as planned.

Episode 17: Toy Story: As a practical joke, Finch switches Elliott's birthday present to Maya with that of a co-worker.

Episode 18: Miss Pretty: Finch does not want his co-workers to find out that he is the new advice columnist at the magazine.

Episode 19: Maya's Nude Photos: Maya is hesitant when her photography teacher asks her to take some nude self-portraits.

Episode 20: And the Femmy Goes To….: Maya, Nina and Elliott are all nominated for Fashion Magazine Awards.

Episode 21: Softball: Maya is talked into pitching for Blush's softball team and she takes it very seriously…too seriously.

Episode 22: Shaking Private Trainer: Jack rethinks his decision to hire a personal trainer.

Episode 23: Nina's Choice: Nina is attracted to an escaped convict and the FBI agent hunting him down.

Episode 24: The Odd Couple, Part 1: In order to impress a high school classmate, Finch arranges a date with an emotionally vulnerable model (played by Rebecca Romijn).

Episode 25: The Odd Couple, Part 2: Finch is trying to get married before his fiancee's ex-boyfriend finds them.

Special Features: Previews of Private Valentine: Blonde and Dangerous, Center Stage: Turn it Up, Dynamic Duos, and Blu-ray Disc is High Definition!

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