Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List – The Complete First Season

Kathy Griffin has made quite a career playing the funny friend on sitcoms and as a stand up who disses everyone in Hollywood. She has a nasty side to her and rakes everyone who is anyone over the coals. Showing that she also realizes who and what she is she has dubbed herself a "D-list" star. In the latest in a long run of reality shows, Kathy Griffin's life as a D-list star is put under the microscope. Off all the celebrity reality shows it seems the least staged as Griffin is frazzled and human through much of the episodes. It shows that being a D-list star is still better than being an everyday Joe and that she is just as funny off stage as she is on. The series has been nominated for an Emmy Award.

Episode 1: Out And About: Plenty of stars in this episode including Warren Beatty, Marcia Cross and Rachel Bilson. Shows all that Kathy has to go through to stay in the public eye and on the D-List.

Episode 2: Hot to Trot: Stars appearing include Andy Dick, Jenny McCarthy and Ron Jeremy. Kathy works hard to get celebrities out to her annual fundraiser, Toys for Tots.

Episode 3: Adjusted Gross: Stars in this episode include Joy Behar, Fabio and Hulk Hogan. Kathy's first DVD of her stand up show is released and she goes on a promotional tour.

Episode 4: High Brow: We see Star Jones, Quentin Tarantino and Kanye West on this episode. E! has hired Kathy to do their red carpet interviews for the Grammys with Star Jones and she is thrilled.

Episode 5: From A to D: Fran Drescher, Reba McIntyre and Kal Penn appear. After dissing her, Kathy unexpectedly receives flowers from Renee Zellweger.

Episode 6: Magic Carpet Ride: Appearances by Lance Bass, Jonathan Bennett and Tony Tripoli. E! loved Kathy so much at the Grammys that they ask her back to do the red carpet at the Oscars.

Special Features:
-Kathy Griffin is… not Nicole Kidman
-Sneak peek of Season Two

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