Kidnapped: The Complete Series

Knapp (Jeremy Sisto – Waitress, A Lot Like Love) is a man with a past who is an expert at returning kidnapping victims. When multi-millionaire Conrad Cain's son is kidnapped it seems on the surface to be merely another grab for money off a rich parent. When Knapp starts his search he realizes that there is much more to it.

I am not sure why NBC gave up on this excellent series so quickly. I am doubly astounded that not many people watched it. It has that type of CSI and 24 vibe to it that is so popular nowadays. I think its failure is a sign of NBC woes viewerwise…it is no longer the 'must see' television station.

Disc One:
Episode 1: Kidnapped: Leopold Cain (Will Denton – Kinsey), son of multimillionaire Conrad Cain (Timothy Hutton – The Good Shepherd, The Last Mimzy), is kidnapped on his way to school. The Cains hire Knapp, an expert in returning those who have been kidnapped.

Episode 2: Special Delivery: Knapp butts heads with the FBI on the case. A package arrives at the Cain household which indicates that Alice (Lydia Jordan – The Secret Lives of Dentists, Gods and Generals), the Cains' daughter, is also at risk.

Episode 3: Sorry, Wrong Number: The Cains try to keep up appearances so they go forward with their annual charity ball.

Episode 4: Number One With a Bullet: Leopold's bodyguard, Virgil (Mykelti Williamson – Lucky Number Slevin, Ali), is in bad shape physically. The kidnappers continue on with their plan.

Episode 5: Burn Baby Burn: In the ashes of a booby-trapped building, Knapp and Agent Latimer King (Delroy Lindo – Domino, Sahara) find a clue that could lead them to one of the kidnappers.

Disc Two:
Episode 6: My Heart Belongs to Daddy: Ellie Cain's (Dana Delany – Exit to Eden, Fly Away Home) wealthy father starts to meddle in the investigation and ends up putting it in jeopardy.

Episode 7: Front Page: The media gets wind of what has happened and the result is chaos. Knapp goes to visit a prisoner he knows and thinks he may have ties to this case.

Episode 8: Gone Fishing: Virgil mounts an investigation of his own into the kidnapping. The kidnappers begin to assassinate people tied to the case.

Episode 9: Do Unto Others: The kidnapper's assassin's identity is compromised and another assassin thinks of taking his place.

Special Features:
-Ransom Notes
-Law and Order promo

Disc Three:
Episode 10: Impasse: King and his daughter, Ella (Susan Kelechi Watson – appeared in episodes of Law & Order and Third Watch), are trapped by a sniper. To save them Knapp must release one of the planners of the kidnapping.

Episode 11: Mutiny: The investigators are all pursuing different leads. Leopold's captors are sick of waiting and being told what to do.

Episode 12: Acknowledgement: The trail of clues leads them to Mexico. Knapp, Virgil and King all find themselves in a showdown with the kidnappers.

Episode 13: Resolution: The Cains are in more trouble than ever when they realize that the kidnapping has something to do with a family secret from the past.

Special Features:
-Previews of Spider-Man 2.1, When a Stranger Calls, The Forgotten, TV Action Favorites, and

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