Kung Fu Films Presents: The Show Must Go Off!

Bleeding Through are a 6 piece hardcore outfit hailing from Orange County, California. They are currently gaining a lot of recognition with their recent album "This Is Live, This Is Murderous" out on Trustkill Records. Members of the band are: Brandon Schieppati (vocals), Brain Leppke (guitar) whom I might add is sporting a t-shirt of Montreal's own A Perfect Murder, Scott Danough (guitar), Ryan Wombacher (bass), Derek Youngsma (drums) and Marta (keyboards).

Bleeding Through play ferocious metal, intertwined with a dark gothic ambiance which is emphasized with spooky keyboard chords. Their 23 of January, 2004 happened to be their biggest turnout ever, taking place in Panama, California at the Glasshouse: the venue which the band named the best in all of California. This DVD features 11 awesome tracks, including 2 older songs, "Rise" and "Our Enemies". It's impressive that Bleeding Through maintain their high energy throughout the entire show, despite all their songs being beyond intense and over 5 minutes long. Bleeding Through inevitably feed off the energy of their fans. The crowd's energy at this sold out show is remarkable. We're talking wild mosh pit scenes: arms failing, fists flying and people stage diving like there's no tomorrow. There's even one clip of a guy in the mosh pit doing doing karate moves from a wheel chair!

Special features on the DVD include a multi camera angle feature, where the viewer can cycle through 8 difference camera angles for the performance of "Savior, Saint, Salvation". There's even the option of viewing the entire show with English or Japanese subtitles (for the spoken words in between songs). On "Band Commentary", Brandon Schieppati and Ryan Wombacher talk about how the sound system at the back of the venue was knocked down about 4 times by the rowdy crowd. This sound system had been programmed to record the entire 50 minute set. You can actually hear the audio difference during the first song of the show; starting out squeeky clean and polished (dubbed over from the CD recording), then switching into a more credible live sound (when the sound system was reset). In the end, the band ended up going to studio to record individual sound clips for each of the instruments, which were then layered over the live audio in order to enhance the sound for the DVD. Only the vocals were not overdubbed, because Brandon wanted the rawness to shine through. As far as standout tracks go, there is no way to isolate the predominating songs, because there are none. Bleeding Through did and awesome job selecting the set list for this show, which are each delivered with incredible passion and technicality.

Special features:
-Band Commentary
-Multi-Angle Feature
-Subtitles (English, Japanese).

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