Kung Fu Hustle: Axe-Kickin’ Edition

It is 1940s China and in the Canton area the Axe Gang rules. Their leader Brother Sum (Kwok-Kwan Chan – Shaolin Soccer) is especially feared. Every wannabe thug wants to join the gang. The only area that the gang does not rule is Pig Sty Alley due to the overwhelming poverty there. Small time thug Sing (Stephen Chow – Shaolin Soccer, The Gods Must Be Crazy III) and his cohort Bone (Chi Chung Lam – Final Justice, Shaolin Soccer) pretend they are part of the Axe Gang and try to extort money from the local barber so that attracts the attention of the real Axe Gang. Despite the low income of the area there seems to be several kung fu experts living there. An all-out kung fu battle erupts. Sing now has to choose sides.

Not what you would expect from a kung fu film. It is hilarious. Don't get me wrong there are some kick ass kung fu scenes, but what is really great is the humour. Director/actor/writer Stephen Chow has successfully and stylishly meshed kung fu with gangster films to make a whole new genre. He was greatly rewarded as "Kung Fu Hustle" became the largest grossing Hong Kong film ever when it was released in 2005. With his style he is able to make graphic violence seem so over-the-top that it becomes funny. He flawlessly moves from action to comedy to drama and back again with the film not suffering due to the shifts. This is talent and vision, people! Check it out!

Special Features:
-Comedy Central Interview with Stephen Chow
-Comedy Central Bloopers and Outtakes
-"Organized Chaos" Yuen Wo Ping and the Fight Choreography of Kung Fu Hustle
-"Bringing Down the House" The Production Design of Kung Fu Hustle
-"Dressed to Kill" The Costume Design of Kung Fu Hustle
-Storyboard comparison
-Ric Meyers Interview with Stephen Chow
-"Clean Out Pig Sty Alley" DVD-ROM Flash Game
-Previews of Curse of the Golden Flower, Angel-A, Tekkonkinkreet, and Norman Lear TV

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