Legend of the Seeker: The Complete First Season

The worlds of fantasy and mythology collide to make a fantastic television series. Adapted from a best-selling series of novels, this show has become a guilty pleasure of mine with all its bare chests, sword fighting and flowing hair. It is the classic battle between good and evil. A mysterious woman, a wise and powerful wizard and a simple woodsman join forces to wage battle against the evil tyrant Darken Rahl (played by Craig Parker).

Episode 1: Prophecy: Richard (played by Craig Horner) meets up with the mysterious Kahlan Amnell (played by Bridget Regan), a woman who is being chased as a witch.

Episode 2: Destiny: Darken Rahl attempts to come through the boundary with the aim of getting his hands on the Book of Counted Shadows in order to kill the Seeker, Richard.

Episode 3: Bounty: Darken Rahl's men are able to come through the boundary and the Confessor (Kahlan) and the Seeker have to wage battle against them.

Episode 4: Brennidon: The Seeker travels to the city of his birth.

Episode 5: Listener: The Seeker, Kahlan and the wizard (played by Bruce Spence) try to save a boy who is the first true Listener in 800 years.

Episode 6: Elixir: A town they pass through has fallen victim to peddlers selling magical potions.

Episode 7: Identity: A spell makes people think Gryff (played by Jason Smith) is the Seeker and the Seeker is Gryff.

Episode 8: Denna: Mistress Denna (played by Jessica Marais) is ordered by Lord Rahl to capture the Seeker and train him.

Episode 9: Puppeteer: Lord Rahl is close to getting the third Box of Calabria from Queen Milena (played by Geraldine Brophy).

Episode 10: Sacrifice: Mother Confessor and the few other Confessors that remain alive are fleeing to Valencia to escape being killed by Lord Rahl.

Episode 11: Confession: After an innocent man is hung based on a confession by Kahlan people begin to doubt her powers.

Episode 12: Home: Richard wakes up at home with his father alive and his brother Michael (played by David de Latour) there claiming he fell and hit his head.

Episode 13: Revenant: Richard, Kahlan and Zedd go to hide the third Box but it proves to be more difficult than they thought.

Episode 14: Hartland: The Seeker returns to Hartland with Chase (played by Jay Laga'aia) in order to protect his home town from the flying dragon.

Episode 15: Conversion: The Seeker, Kahlan and Chase head to The Keep to try to find Chase's period.

Episode 16: Bloodline: Lord Rahl sends Denna to find the third Box of Orden but she needs some help.

Episode 17: Deception: Lord Rahl begins to kill off whole villages who have helped the Seeker in the past.

Episode 18: Mirror: Two people are transforming themselves to look like Kahlan and the Seeker and stealing towns blind.

Episode 19: Cursed: King Gregor (played by Carl Bland) asks for the help of Zedd, the Seeker and the Confessor against himself, a man cursed to become a Calthrope each night.

Episode 20: Sanctuary: A librarian is close to deciphering the clues to the location of the Book of Counted Shadows.

Episode 21: Fever: Lord Rahl has captured Jennsen (played by Brooke Williams) but she manages to hide the two Boxes of Orden.

Episode 22: Reckoning: Richard is sent 60 years in the future and Kahlan is captured by Lord Rahl and Zedd is killed.

Special Features: Forging the Sword: Crafting a Legend, Words of Truth: A Conversation with Terry Goodkind, Deleted Scenes, Sneak Peeks of 10 Things I Hate About You: 10th Anniversary Edition, Up, Old Dogs, and The Proposal

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