Leonardo Da Vinci:The Exhibition – Man, Inventor, Genius Preview

Widely thought of as one of the more well-rounded and intelligent human beings ever to roam the planet, Leonardo Da Vinci now has his own exhibit happening in Montreal. You can go and see all the wide variety of things he drew, created and conceived of during his lifetime. The amount of work he did is astounding.

The exhibit allows you some insight into where he got his inspiration and you will have the opportunity to interact with some of his creations. This exhibit is more hands on than most in that the designs this genius came up with have been recreated in wood including a hang glider, helicopter and military tank and you are allowed to touch them. You can push, pull and prod these recreations. In doing so you will the complexity of his designs and how ahead of his time he was.

There is also a portion of the exhibit that will clear up some of the misconceptions of the man who spent most of his life working in Florence, Italy. It will also show how his genius continues to inspire people even today, hundreds of years after his death.

Your visit to this bilingual exhibition will take roughly 1 ½ hours, so plan your time accordingly.

Additional Information:
-Website: www.expodavinci.ca
-Ticket Purchase: www.ticketpro.ca or Eaton Centre box office
-Ticket Prices: (All plus taxes and service charges) Weekdays: Adults: $12.95
Children/Student/Senior: $9.95
Family Package: $34.96
Weekend and Holidays: Adults: $14.95
Children/Student/Senior: $9.95
Family Package: $34.96
Groups: Adults: $9.95
Children/Student/Senior: $6.95
Video Guides: $4.95

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