Lewis Black: Stark Raving Black

Of all comedians working today you would have to admit that 60-year-old Lewis Black is probably the angriest. During the course of his 80 minute stand-up show there were only a scant few moments when he was not bitter, angry or just plain irate. His brand of comedy has been dubbed "Black humour" and I (and anyone with a pair of ears) would have to agree with that.

Black's particular brand of social and political comedy based on current events is intelligent and asks or barks the questions that most of us have also been thinking. Rather than being offensive his barking, raving style is quite entertaining and never becomes grating. That is mostly due to the fact that he is often right and always intelligent about what he speaks of. That does not mean that he does not use foul language or talk about off coloured subjects.

The concert was filmed in the Fillmore Theatre in Detroit and was part of his tour through North America and Europe during 2009. Black states in the opening voice over that he chose Detroit as the city to film in because if any city would be as angry as he is it would have to be the economically destroyed Detroit.

There is also a very interesting documentary that tells the tale of how Lewis Black worked his way up the ladder to become one of the more successful American stand-up comedians working today.

1) Expectations
2) Democrats + Republicans
3) Mainstream Comedian
4) Vince Gill, Amy Grant + Me
5) Hitting 60
6) Birth + Death
7) Parents
8) The Economy
9) Greed
10) Alternative Energy
11) Hope

Special Features: Basic Black: The Lewis Black Story

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