Like Mike 2: Streetball

Jerome Jenkins Jr. (Jascha Washington – Big Momma's House 2, Last Holiday) is an avid basketball fan and player. Made more so because his father is the Jerome Jenkins (Michael Beach – from television's Third Watch), streetball legend who is now remembered most for choking at important moments. Due to his father, Jerome gets no respect on his local basketball court especially from Ray (Kel Mitchell – The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle, Mystery Men), a distant relation of his mother's who lives with them. The only ones who kinda believe in Jerome are his friends like Rodney (Brett Kelly – Bad Santa, The Sandlot 2). Part of the reason Jerome plays is to try and get his father's attention, which is not too successful as his father seems too wrapped up in his career. After many frustrating days on the court, Jerome finds a pair of hightops with the initials MJ on them. Once Jerome starts wearing them he finds that he can do incredible things on the basketball court. He is unstoppable! When Jerome gets recruited to play for a top streetball team his life changes and not necessarily for the better.

This is another example of an attempt to make a sequel to a surprise hit that is now being released as straight to video. I guess that the film company felt it would not find an audience for a film that shows kids that playing sports to simply make money and get fame is wrong. Pretty sad commentary on the state of sports and how it is seen today. Overall, director David Nelson (first film) has made a film that is fairly predictable, with some spotty acting, but is ultimately harmless and has a good message for young boys vis-a-vis their sports heroes.

Special Features:
-"Making Like Mike 2" featurette
-"We're Playing Basketball" featurette
-"Streetball" featurette
-Time out: deleted scenes

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