Little Robots: Big Adventures

Though adults might watch this and find it a little quirky, kids will love it for that very reason. There is nothing especially wonderful about the premise to this television series. Tiny is abandoned in a garbage dump. When he wakes up he repairs his own arm and begins to do the same for the other robots there. These robots are able to build their own little town within the dump. They demonstrate that with a little imagination almost anything can be built out of so-called junk.

Robot Race Day:
Each of the robots has a special talent. When they decide to have a race day to find out who is the best runner, what they learn is that it is not important who the best is but just to have fun.

The Hiccalots:
Sporty accidentally knocks over Noisy and she ends up with a case of the hiccalots. All the robots try to help her get over them.

The Sound of Music:
With some new instruments to play, Noisy cannot hear them all together, so he gathers all the robots together to help him. This new band discovers that they make great music together.

One Hundred:
Tiny is getting ready to pull the Day-Night lever for the monumental 100th time only to discover that the moon is falling apart and might not make it. The robots have to try and make a new moon before the day is over.

Special Features:
-Little Robots Activity Book

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