Medium: The Third Season

Alison Dubois (played by Patricia Arquette) is trying to use her special gift for good. She is a wife, mother of three young girls and she has the ability to see the dead in her dreams. With her ability she is able to get clues about murders and by touching people she seems to be able to communicate with their souls. Balancing her job consulting with the Phoenix District Attourney's Office and he home life is sometimes tricky, but she does the best she can.

1) Four Dreams, Part 1: Both Allison's and Bridgette's (played by Maria Lark) dreams start revealing things.

2) Four Dreams, Part 2: The home invasion crimes continue but Allison can't seem to get a handle on them.

3) Be Kind, Rewind: Allison keeps having the same dream or is it that she is reliving the same day?

4) Blood Relation: Allison tries to save the life of a young girl.

5) Ghost in the Machine: A highway sniper puts fear into the people of Phoenix.

6) Profiles in Terror: After Allison meets an FBI profiler who she looks up to she begins to have dreams about him.

7) Mother's Little Helper: Allison and Ariel (played by Sofia Vassilieva) find a body and Ariel grows resentful as her help is needed in catching the killer.

8) The Whole Truth: Allison has dreams which lead to the discovery of a skeleton.

9) Better Off Dead: Allison tries to help two ghosts work out their problems.

10) Very Merry Maggie: The wife of District Attourney Devalos (played by Miguel Sandoval) still has trouble accepting their daughter's suicide a few years ago.

11) Apocalypse, Push: Texas Ranger Kenneth Push (played by Arliss Howard) returns into Allison's life.

12) The One Behind the Wheel: Joe (played by Jake Weber) is thrown for a loop when Allison's body is inhabited by another woman.

13) Second Opinion: When Allison has a dream about Marie (played by Miranda Carabello) dying she tries everything in order to change the future.

14) We Had A Dream: Sonny Troyer (played by Eric Stoltz) is back and he spends his time manipulating Allison.

15) The Boy Next Door: In order to change the future and save seven young boys, Allison goes back to her high school days.

16) Whatever Possessed You: Joe applies for a government project, but his polygraph test causes him some problems.

17) Joe Day Afternoon: Allison has a feeling something bad is going to happen and it comes true when Joe is taken hostage at work.

18) 1-900-Lucky: Allison's brother (played by Ryan Hurst) is phone line psychic who tries to help a woman whose husband is killed.

19) No One to Watch Over Me: Allison is directed to a body, but while she is waiting for an ID to be made she meets up with a ghost.

20) Head Games: Joe starts seeing a therapist while Allison is involved in a trial.

21) Heads Will Roll: Allison decides to put her trust in Debra (played by Neve Campbell)

22) Everything Comes to a Head: Everyone Allison cares about is put in jeopardy by Debra McCall's duplicity.

Special Features: Deleted Scenes, Directing With David Arquette, Acting is My Racquet, The Making of Medium, Season 3, Gag Reel

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