Meet the Spartans: Unrated – Blu-Ray Edition

I don't know about you, but I am getting plenty tired of these bad farce films. They don't even do them well anymore, but they keep churning them out. Enough already! This one is possibly the worst of the lot, however. You'll just be wanting that 60 minutes (this is the only film around that you will be happy is only 1 hour long) back.

Spoof films can be funny (the Naked Gun ones had their moments, Airplane! was a classic), but it is a fine line between spoofing and stinking. Even if you are a fan of spoof films you will regret watching this one. It is that bad. Painful at times. It is so bad that the directors feel like they had to explain the source for every one of their spoofs, which is an indication of the lack of quality. If you have to explain the jokes they probably aren't funny!

Using the story of the film "300", "Meet the Spartans" uses it to make crass sight jokes, make fun of every Hollywood star from Ellen to Lindsay Lohan, films like "Ghost Rider" and "Rocky Balboa", television shows like "American Idol", and just generally be inappropriate…and not funny.

Directors Jason Friedberg (Epic Movie) and Aaron Seltzer (Date Movie) should really be worried about their future careers, but, of course being that it is Hollywood and mediocrity is rewarded, they are already making their next film, "Disaster Movie", which looks to be another classic.

Special Features:
-Know Your Spartans Pop Culture Trivia Game
– "Super Pit Of Death Ultimate Tactical Battle Challenge Game"
– "Celebrity Kickoff Game."
– 2 theatrical trailers
– Digital Copy ad
-Gag reel
-Pop up trivia track.
– Jump to 8 musical scenes.
– "Prepare For Thrusting"
– "Tour The Set With Ike Barinholtz"

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