Melrose Place: The Complete First Season

The title of this 90s nighttime television soap opera comes from the apartment complex that a group of young twentysomethings all live in. It began as a spin-off from Beverly Hills 90210 so that will tell you something about the plots. The same subjects of love, sex, friendships, betrayal, and relationships are examined from a slightly older perspective. C'mon, you didn't expect more did you? It is an Aaron Spelling series! It did attempt to move somewhat away from the fluff by tackling such topical subjects as sexual harassment, miscarriage, abortion, or stalking. The series made a bigger star of Heather Locklear and stars of Courtney Thorne-Smith, Marcia Cross, Andrew Shue (Elizabeth's brother), Grant Show, and Josie Bissett. There are also several cross over appearances from the kids from Beverly Hills 90210. It became many a person's guilty pleasure during the 90s.

Episode 1: Pilot: Eight twentysomethings living in the same apartment complex try to figure out the way in life.

Episode 2: Friends and Lovers: Billy (Andrew Shue – Vision Quest, Adventures in Babysitting) moonlights as a cab driver and one of his clients ends up pretty much living with him which makes Allison (Courtney Thorne-Smith – from television's Ally McBeal) jealous.

Episode 3: Lost and Found: Jane (Josie Bissett – The Doors) is lonely and feels like Michael (Thomas Calabro – appeared in episodes of Nip/Tuck and Touced By An Angel) has no time for her.

Episode 4: For Love Of Money: Allison is dating a co-worker who steals her ideas.

Episode 5: Leap Of Faith: Jane finds out that she is pregnant, but worries because Michael does not want children.

Episode 6: Second Chances: Rhonda (Vanessa Williams – Like Mike, Candyman) tries out for a dance troupe.

Episode 7: My Way: Sandy (Amy Locane – Secretary, Airheads) gets a small role in a horror film.

Episode 8: Lonely Hearts: Sandy meets a guy while shopping and goes out on a date with him. He ends up being unbalanced and stalks her.

Episode 9: Responsibly Yours: Jake (Grant Show – appeared on episodes of Beverly Hills 90210 and Ed) and Sandy go out on a date to prove that they are not just about sex.

Episode 10: Burned: Billy gets robbed by African-Americans while driving his taxi.

Episode 11: A Promise Broken: Jane's ultrasound shows that the baby is stillborn and she has to have an abortion.

Episode 12: Polluted Affairs: Allison's career is doing great but she finds out that the guy she is dating is married.

Episode 13: Dreams Come True: Allison continues to have an affair with Keith (William R. Moses – Mystic Pizza).

Episode 14: Drawing The Line: Allison decides to break up with Keith despite his claims that he will leave his wife.

Episode 15: House Of God: Jo (Daphne Zuniga – Gross Anatomy, Spaceballs), a photographer from New York, moves in to Rhonda's apartment.

Episode 16: The Whole Truth: Jo is having money troubles and Jake offers to help her, but she refuses.

Episode 17: Jake vs Jake: Jake's ex arrives and tells him she has a four-year-old son who might be his.

Episode 18: A Melrose Place Christmas: Allison has an operation and Billy takes care of her…a little too much.

Episode 19: Single White Sister: Sydney (Laura Leighton – appeared in episodes of Cupid and The Outer Limits), Jane's younger and wilder sister arrives in town for a visit.

Episode 20: Peanut Butter and Jealousy: Charles (Linden Ashby – Mortal Combat, Wyatt Earp), Jo's ex-husband, arrives and claims to have stopped drinking.

Episode 21: Picture Imperfect: Allison is helped by new co-worker, Amanda (Heather Locklear – from television's Spin City), and gets a promotion.

Episode 22: Three's A Crowd: Something looks like it is going to happen between Jo and Jake. Amanda is attracted to Billy.

Episode 23: My New Partner: Allison is jealous about Billy and Amanda seeing each other.

Episode 24: Bye Bye Billy: Billy becomes distant from Allison and moves in with Amanda.

Episode 25: Irreconcilable Similarities: All is not smooth for Billy and Amanda after her moves in.

Episode 26: End Game: Billy's father suddenly dies and Allison returns from Seattle.

Episode 27: The Test: Jake gets a visit from ex-girlfriend, Perry (Michelle Johnson – Death Becomes Her, Far and Away), who tells him she has AIDS.

Episode 28: Pushing Boundaries: Amanda is jealous of Allison's friendship with Billy and makes things hard for her at work.

Episode 29: Pas de Trois: Lucy (Deborah Adair – from television's Days of Our Lives) tells everyone that she is getting married.

Episode 30: Carpe Diem: Billy has plans to finally get romantic with Allison but Amanda has a plan to stop them.

Episode 31: State Of Need: Billy learns that Amanda is pregnant and he is the father.

Episode 32: Suspicious Minds: Amanda miscarries. Allison's ex-boyfriend sees her with Billy and sends her nasty letters then attacks Billy.

Special Features:
-"Melrose Place: Behind the Scenes" Featurette
-"Melrose Place: New Style Profile" Featurette
-Mini featurettes
-Season 1 episode recaps

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