Mitch Fatel is Magical: Live, Extended and Uncensored

Mitch Fatel's comedy career started off with his success with CDs "Miniskirts and Muffins" and "Super Retardo". This is his debut Comedy Central show and comedy DVD.

Now comedy is a very personal thing. What I find funny others won't and vice versa. That being said, I did not take to the comedic styles of Mitch Fatel. His comedy persona or shtick is that he does it almost like he is a mentally handicapped person. It is almost a Sam Kinison meets Bobcat Goldthwait kind of thing. Using an innocent smile and an almost young boy's voice he almost makes you miss the fact that most of his comedy is of the x-rated variety. He has two things on his mind: women and sex. These two interrelated topics are what make up the entirety of his routine. A one-track mind is what he has.

Fatel spends time talking about his favourite female body parts, his favourite sexual activities and how he will sleep with just about any woman. After settling in and realizing that sex jokes are all you are going to get from this guy it gets boring and even drags in parts.

Special Features: Mitch is a Big Star, Mitch is Photogenic, Mitch is Imitated, Mitch is Perverted, Mitch is Reviewed, Mitch is Reviewed, Mitch is Talented, Mitch is Animated

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