Muhammad Ali: Made in Miami

Unbeknownst to me the city of Miami made a significant impact on the life and as such the career of boxer Muhammad Ali. While Cassius Clay was born in the southern city of Louisville, Muhammad Ali, the boxer, was made in Miami.

After just winning a gold medal at the Olympics Cassius Clay arrives in Miami in 1960. Living in several different hotels in the Overton district of Miami, Clay began to train with Angelo Dundee at the Fifth Street Gym. Clay began winning in the ring and learning about the Nation of Islam. Fall 1964 Clay defeated heavyweight Sonny Liston. Two days after this stunning victory Cassius Clay announced to the world that he was now to be known as Muhammad Ali. It forwards the argument that without Miami there might never have been a Muhammad Ali.

The story of Ali in these early years is not the only focus of the documentary as it also looks at the city of Miami and its black community. There is plenty of rarely seen video and interviews to fill out the story. The historical context of the Muhammad Ali story is set out clearly for the viewer, so we better understand what drove this incredible man. We are left with an understanding of the man and how he became one of the more important and influential people of his generation.

Special Features:
-Muhammad Ali: Made in Miami Preview
-A Conversation with the Producers

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