Murder, She Wrote: The Complete Fourth Season

Amazingly enough I am probably one of the few persons of my age or older who has not ever watched an episode of Murder She Wrote. It was such a popular and long running series that that is saying something. The series started in the mid 1980s and ran until 1996. Angela Lansbury won several Golden Globes for her role as the sleuthing Jessica Fletcher. Jessica is a mystery novelist who crime seems to follow around. Everywhere that Jessica goes a dead body pops up. Using her ample amount of deductive reasoning and observational powers, Jessica seems to be able to solve crimes that no one else can. Amazing considering she is the age of most of our grandmothers. In this season keep your eyes peeled for guest appearances by Janet Leigh, Eli Wallach, Dean Stockwell, and Shirley Jones.

Episode 1: A Fashionable Way to Die: Jessica flies to Paris to see the debut of a friend's fashion collection, but of course, a body turns up.

Episode 2: When Thieves Fall Out: A 20-year-old case is investigated by Jessica.

Episode 3: Witness For The Defense: A colleague is accused of killing his wife so Jessica travels to Canada to testify on his behalf.

Episode 4: Old Habits Die Hard: Reuniting with an old friend, who is now Mother Superior, leads Jessica right into another case.

Episode 5: The Way to Dusty Death: Some powerful men and their wives gather at a wealthy man's mansion and a murder occurs.

Episode 6: It Runs In The Family: Jessica's cousin from England is charged with a murder.

Episode 7: If It's Thursday, It Must Be Beverly: Jessica is called upon to help when Sheriff Tupper's deputy is accused of murder.

Episode 8: Steal Me A Story: A shifty Hollywood producer has used Jessica's latest story for a film without her permission.

Episode 9: Trouble in Eden: Soon after being told of her sister's death, a friend of Jessica's is hit by a car.

Episode 10: Indian Giver: A descendant of an Indian tribe has a land claim which seems to be legitimate.

Episode 11: Doom With A View: Jessica and her nephew Grady are staying at a ritzy hotel when a murder occurs and Grady is a suspect.

Episode 12: Who Threw the Barbitals in Mrs. Fletcher's Chowder?: Sheriff Tupper's sister leaves her husband and comes to stay in Cabot Cove. Mysteriously soon after a murder occurs.

Episode 13: Harbinger of Death: A young executive is murdered and his amorous assistant, the unhappy wife, a government worker, and an astronomer are the suspects.

Episode 14: Curse of the Daanu: A husband gives his wife a priceless but cursed ruby. Naturally she later turns up strangled.

Episode 15: Mourning Among the Wisterias: Visiting a colleague who is a playwright, Jessica stumbles upon a murder and a marriage proposal.

Episode 16: Murder Through the Looking Glass: A dying hit man, upon finishing his last job, makes a confession to Jessica.

Episode 17: A Very Good Year for Murder: The heirs of a wine maker are suspects when a body is found in the cellar.

Episode 18: Benedict Arnold Slipped Here: Some disagreements over a piece of property in Cabot Cove leads to a death.

Episode 19: Just Another Fish Story: Jessica sinks some money in a restaurant only to discover that murder is often served there.

Episode 20: Showdown in Saskatchewan: Jessica goes to Canada to visit her niece and ends up investigating a murder that occurred at a rodeo.

Episode 21: Deadpan: A critic who reviewed a play based on one of Jessica's novels turns up dead.

Episode 22: The Body Politic: Scandal hovers over the political campaign of one of Jessica's friends.

Special Features:
-Bonus episode from Season 5: "Snow White, Blood Red"

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