My Name is Earl: Season One

Earl Hickey (Jason Lee – Almost Famous, The Incredibles) is a lower class no good of a man who has learnt the hard way what karma, basically bad karma, is. Just after buying a lottery ticket in which he wins $100,000 Earl gets run over by a car. He begins to believe that bad things happen to bad people. While recuperating from his injuries one day Earl is watching the Carson Daly Show and learns about karma. Earl decides that he is going to try and make up for all the band things (and there are plenty) he has done in his life. He makes a list and starts off doing right by those he has wronged.

The television series is definitely not your run-of-the-mill series. It is offbeat and quirky to say the least. What can be said about it is that watching white trailer park trash go through a series of hijinx has become many a TV watchers guilty pleasure. The series has been nominated for several and won 2 Golden Globe Awards, one for Favourite New TV Comedy. If you have never watched it before find out what all the fuss is about.

Disc One:
Episode 1: Pilot: Earl is hit by a car and loses his winning lottery ticket. He learns about karma while watching television and begins to make a list of people he has wronged.

Episode 2: Quit Smoking: Earl has to make amends to the man who mistakenly went to prison for him. He also tries to quit smoking.

Episode 3: Randy's Touchdown: Earl fixed Randy's (Ethan Suplee – Clerks II, Cold Mountain) high school football game and ruined his chances of ever scoring a touchdown. He decides to make up for that.

Episode 4: Faked My Own Death: In order to not have to break up with a girlfriend Earl faked his own death. This is a tough one to make up for.

Episode 5: Teacher Earl: As he had previously made fun of foreign accents, Earl decides to teach English to immigrants. A former friend of Earl's named Ralph (Giovanni Ribisi – Lost In Translation, Gone In Sixty Seconds) tries to steal his money.

Episode 6: Broke Joy's Fancy Figurine: In order to make amends for breaking one of Joy's (Jaime Pressly – Not Another Teen Movie, Joe Dirt) figurines, Earl has to enter a beauty pageant.

Episode 7: Stole Beer From a Golfer: Earl has to fix what wrong he did at the local country club.

Special Features:
-Deleted scenes

Disc Two:
Episode 8: Joy's Wedding: Earl ruins Joy and Darnell's (Eddie Steeples – Akeelah and the Bee) wedding, so he tries to make up for it.

Episode 9: Cost Dad An Election: Four years ago, Earl's behaviour cost his father, Carl (Beau Bridges – The Fabulous Baker Boys, Norma Rae), an election.

Episode 10: White Lie Christmas: Joy's parents come for a visit and she is afraid that they will not accept that she is married to a black man. Joy forces Earl to pretend that they are still married.

Episode 11: Barn Burner: Earl burned down a barn at the "Rotten Kids Camp".

Episode 12: O Karma, Where Art Thou?: Earl fills in at a fast food joint, but his new Zen existence is tested by an awful boss.

Episode 13: Stole P's HD Cart: Earl tries to put a hot dog vendor back in business.

Episode 14: Monkey's In Space: Randy wonders what his purpose in life is. Earl tries to cheer up an old friend who is being sent to a state prison.

Special Features:
-Deleted scenes

Disc Three:
Episode 15: Something to Live For: Earl stole some gas so he decides to help the man, who is now suicidal.

Episode 16: The Professor: To return a stolen laptop from a university, Earl becomes a guest lecturer.

Episode 17: Didn't Pay Taxes: Earl finds out it is not so easy to pay back taxes.

Episode 18: Dad's Car: For Mother's Day, Earl tries to make up with his father for his mom, Kay (Nancy Lenehan – Beauty Shop, Catch Me If You Can).

Episode 19: Y2K: Earl reminisces about how he and his friends talked about starting a new world after the dawn of the new century.

Episode 20: Boogeyman: How do you make a kid unscared of the Boogeyman? Well, Earl tries.

Episode 21: Bounty Hunter: As there is a warrant out for her arrest, Joy is pursued by a crazy bounty hunter. The bounty hunter is a girl Earl used to date.

Special Features:
-Deleted scenes

Disc Four:
Episode 22: Stole a Badge: Earl and Randy try to return a police badge they stole years ago.

Episode 23: BB: Earl shot a girl he had a crush on with a BB gun so he decides in order to make up for that he is going to reunite her with her father.

Episode 24: Number One: Crossing number one off his list will cost him $10 or so Earl thinks.

Special Features:
-Deleted scenes
-"Karma is a Funny Thing" blooper reel
-Making Things Right: Behind-the-Scenes of "My Name is Earl"
-Soundtrack promo

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