My Three Sons: Season One – Volume 2

American family life during the 1960s is unraveled before your eyes in this popular television program. The Douglas family is comprised of Steve Douglas (played by Fred MacMurray) and his three sons, Mike (played by Tim Considine), Robbie (played by Don Grady) and Chip (played by Stanley Livingston). Steve's live-in father-in-law Bub (played by was there to help him raise the kids. This was family programming at its best and accordingly it ran for 12 seasons on CBS.

Episode 19: Organization Woman: Steve's sister comes for a visit.

Episode 20: Other People's Houses: Robbie is jealous of his friend Hank's home and Hank is jealous of Robbie's.

Episode 21: The Delinquent: Mike and Tramp keep disappearing every night.

Episode 22: Man in a Trench Coat: Steve is away and Robbie is frightened by a man in a trench coat.

Episode 23: Deadline: Mike begins to really criticize his high school newspaper's sports page.

Episode 24: The Lostling: Chip wants to be an older brother so he begins to wish for a little sister.

Episode 25: Off Key: Chip brags that Robbie can fix anything and it ends up that Robbie has exactly 5 minutes to fix a piano.

Episode 26: Small Adventure: While Steve is away on business Tramp brings home a stick of dynamite.

Episode 27: Soap Box Derby: Robbie is trying to build a race cart while Steve is rushing to help a missile manufacturer.

Episode 28: Unite or Sink: Robbie and Mike set about trying to earn some extra money.

Episode 29: The Wiley Method: Robbie cannot seem to get the attention of a girl he likes.

Episode 30: The National Pastime: Chip, due to a slump, decides to quit his baseball team.

Episode 31: The Croaker: Chip has caught a frog, Croaker, for a school project and he gets plenty of attention from the Douglas's.

Episode 32: The Musician: Robbie's new girlfriend refined ways makes him take a second look at his own house.

Episode 33: The Horseless Saddle: A mystery person sends Bub a horse saddle.

Episode 34: Trial by Separation: Mike and his girlfriend test out the strength of their relationship by staying away from each other the week before graduation.

Episode 35: The Sunday Drive: Robbie is trying to stay away from a girl with a crush on him.

Episode 36: Fire Watch: Mike gets a summer job with the Forestry Service.

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