Night Of The Living Skulls:

One of the first bands to come out of the L.A. punk scene, The Skulls are nothing short of legendary. Now they've reformed and written new material, allowing for more touring and even a new album. Their new DVD (directed by Bad Otis Li) "Night of the Living Skulls: Live at the El Rey, Los Angeles" documents the band's biggest show ever December 5, 2003. The Skulls energetically perform 16 original songs, making for one hell of a show. In addition to rocking hard, The Skulls are also super fashionable. At this show, Billy Bones (vocals) is in a slick suit and shades, while Kevin Preston (guitar) wears a glam rock leopard print coat plus sparkly guitar. James Hardslug (bass) even performs in a Chinese dragon costume, complete with dragon head! The only relatively normal looking member is Sean Antillion, but he compensates with amazing drum skills. This DVD also features 2 rare live video singles, "Victims" and "You Can't Drag Me Down". In addition to concert footage, there are a whole bunch of interviews. Most notable is with Brendan Mullen, who is known for opening L.A.'s legendary punk rock club "The Masque" in 1977. Mullen has since been a huge contributor to the L.A. music scene. Now here's a band that loves their fans: there's even a clip on this DVD of The Skulls playing at a birthday party for 9 year old Jordan "The Milk Man". On top of being into punk music, Jordan is a sponsored rider for Punk Rock Skateboards, with which The Skulls are actively involved. Talk about a wild party: Jordan and his skate team ride out wild tricks in Jordan's empty concrete swimming pool while The Skulls provide poolside musical accompaniment. As if this DVD hadn't already met all your expectations: it also features an additional full length CD of the live El Rey performance! Best songs are: "Models", "Can Punk Rock Pay The Bills", "Rattle Your Bones", "On Target" and a cover of The Random's "Lets Get Rid Of New York". This DVD also has a special insert redeemable for a free autographed Skulls poster and a link to a secret website packed with free downloads of unreleased songs and much more. This DVD/CD duo comes in your choice of either DVD packaging or CD packaging.

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