Night Watch: Unrated – Blu-Ray Edition

Does a mix of fantasy with modern day thriller and a foreign picture interest you? If so, then Night Watch, which was the Russian contender for Best Foreign Language Film at the Oscars in 2004, should intrigue you. It is the first part of a fantasy trilogy based on the ongoing battle between good and evil and is based on the best-selling science fiction novels by Sergei Lukyanenko. In its native Russia this film obliterated all previous box office records; they just ate it up.

Now after saying all this I may be overstating the quality of the film (in actuality if you really read what I wrote then you realize the above written is just statement of fact); it is definitely not the best thing since sliced bread. It is definitely not even one of the better foreign films I have seen this year. I am not saying this was an awful film either; it is definitely somewhere in the middle. There were definitely some interesting ideas and scenes in the film. It is full of darkness and the ambiance is done quite well. These two positives are as a result of the good cinematography in the film. I just have to mention that some of the acting is not the greatest and often the story did not make any sense to me. The film is an interesting choice if you have grown tired of Hollywood films and want to sample something that is different.

Living on Earth amongst us 'normal' humans are beings called the 'others', who possess different supernatural powers. Several centuries ago they had an epic battle which divided them into good and evil sides. The two sides agreed to sign a truce which ended the battle and it was agreed that the good which rule the day and the evil the night. The dark exist on earth as vampires and witches and the good as shape shifters. Until now, the two sides have co-existed peacefully.

Due to a series of unexplainable events that have started the beginning to an age-old prophecy the battle is back on. According to the prophecy, an immortal with unique powers will switch from the good side to the evil side and that will be the beginning of an apocalyptic war like nothing we have ever seen before. Anton (Konstantin Khabensky – did a voice in the Russian version of Madagascar), one of the good others, has been chosen to try and stop this from happening.

Special Features:
-The Roof (Extended Ending)
– Making of Night Watch
– Characters, Story and Subtitles
– Night Watch Trilogy
– D-Box
– 7 Deleted Scenes
– Deleted Scenes Commentary with Director Timur Bekmambetov
– Still Galleries:
– Comic Book Gallery
– Poster Gallery
– Trailer Gallery

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